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Hangar 9 Pawnee, our new review plane

Sep 29, 2011 No Comments

We just got this in the Hangar 9 Pawnee; this is one big bird!  It has working landing gear that can take landing after landing.   So of course, we are going to make it as a large tow plane for our local glider group. We may even add a GoPro camera or two to it.

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Align RC Helicopter with a GoPro at the Soulstyce 2011

Sep 26, 2011 2 Comments

What do you get when you mount a GoPro camera on an RC helicopter, with a talented pilot and some the best BXM Dirt Jumpers in the World all working to get a piece of the $10,000?  You get a video like this:   Chad Sackman (right) is the pilot of the helicopter and Mike [...]

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Setting Up Twin Electrics

Sep 23, 2011 3 Comments

      This A-26 from Global Hobbies is the perfect candidate for electric conversion. Plenty of room to run the wires through the wings and the batteries are located under the center hatch on top of the wing.       Easy tips for making a solid connection on multiple motor setups THIS MONTH [...]

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Flyzone Sensei: a trainer with a bomb drop!

Sep 21, 2011 1 Comment

Hobbico brings to the market a fast and easy-to-assemble trainer by Flyzone for the emerging RC pilot. The Sensei Trainer provides a fast track to getting entry-level pilots feet wet at flying RC models. Available Ready to Fly or as an Rx-R, (Receiver-Ready), if you prefer to use your own radio system. The Flyzone Sensei [...]

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Tech Tip: RC Radio Programming Made Easy

Sep 21, 2011 2 Comments

With today’s amazing supply of top quality and reasonably priced radio equipment, equipping your airplane can be a relatively easy assignment. But you do need to know a few basics rules of the road. Here are some tips to get you off to a good start. Initial setup Before setting up your radio’s control functions, [...]

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Flight Technique: Become a Jet Jock

Sep 21, 2011 8 Comments

Development in brushless motor design and LiPo battery technology have benefited the RC hobby especially for seasoned and wannabe jet jocks. Electric ducted fan (EDF) jets are quickly becoming one of the most popular branches of the modeling tree and the development of these e-powered speed demons is nothing short of amazing. When most people [...]

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Galloping Ghost 1946-2011

Sep 20, 2011 No Comments

Many Reno Race planes go through many transformations before becoming an unlimited competitor. The Galloping Ghost is no exception to that rule, here are a set of images that show the transformation of this aircraft all the way from 1946 to 2011.

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Yak-52 .91 ARF a New Soviet Era Trainer from Seagull

Sep 15, 2011 No Comments

Seagull has just introduce the new Yak-52 .91 ARF. This is a  scale replica of the Soviet era trainer, the Yak-52 is constructed from light ply and balsa by expert craftsmen. It also comes covered in Hangar 9 UltraCote allowing for easy repairs. All the hardware needed to finish assembly is included, along with mechanical [...]

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