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Best one so far…

Feb 25, 2014 No Comments

Here is the best use of quad copter to date.

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Freestyle Move: The Harrier Roll

Feb 18, 2014 No Comments

Here’s an article by one of our favorite authors and pilots, Quique Somenzini, who not only helped to invent 3D flight, but also created new moves like the harrier roll. With his tips you’ll be wowing the crowd in no time. Quique: At the time, I called it the “cobra,” but it soon became more popularly known as [...]

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Prop Balancing Made Easy

Feb 13, 2014 13 Comments

I have been often asked, “Do I need to balance my prop?” and the quick answer is always “Yes!” A properly balanced prop will give you more rpm from gas, glow and electric engines. A balanced prop will reduce the wear and tear on your aircraft by greatly reducing vibration, which leads to reducing premature [...]

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The Roller Coaster

Feb 06, 2014 No Comments

Are you looking for some fun?  Then hop on a roller coaster and your fun factor will immediately go up through the roof. The same can be said by performing the roller coaster maneuver with an aerobatic plane.  This maneuver is nothing but a fun to do and it is enjoyable for people to watch. [...]

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What hit my house?

Jan 29, 2014 No Comments

Here is another use for a Drone, finding out where that large rock came from that ran into your house and field. Although I think this has limited use it is a rather cool perspective on the damage.  

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Rudder Trimming

Jan 28, 2014 6 Comments

There is a certain order to trimming a plane and that can vary a little from pilot to pilot. Most pilots will concentrate on the elevator trimming first to keep the plane flying a level path. This is especially important if the plane wants to dive, then elevator trimming becomes the primary important trim for [...]

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Hangar 9 Inverza 33 Video

Jan 23, 2014 2 Comments

The Inverza is a project that began as a “what if” with acclaimed full-scale builder Kevin Kimball and Quique Somenzini, the Inverza is a contemporary concept designed to harness the power of the radial engine with the potential only possible in a monoplane platform. For the finishing touches, Mirco Pecorari shared his expertise by complementing [...]

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Pilots always have something new to do

Jan 23, 2014 No Comments

We just did the review on the Hangar 9 Blanik, but we did not do anything this cool with it  

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