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Tampa RC Aircraft Club Flea Market Fun

Mar 09, 2014 1 Comment by

It’s that time of the season .. well, in Florida anyway, for the RC flea markets.  Unlike the North we in the South can usually fly during the winter, but sometimes the cold weather will keep us away from flying.  Once the weather becomes more comfortable you start looking at the supplies you need for [...]

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Fightertown USA Bay City Flyers, Florida

Nov 12, 2013 2 Comments by

Warbirds!  Everyone loves warbirds! Of all the airplanes ever made I’m sure everyone has at least one favorite war plane.  From the WWI to modern jets, you must have a favorite.  So when Bay City Flyers of the Tampa area had a warbirds event everyone came. November 9 was the day the Bay City Flyers [...]

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Nov 12, 2013 No Comments by

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