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ParkZone Hawker Sea Fury — Flightline Video Flight Report

Jan 01, 2012 No Comments

We already gave a sneak peek of the Parkzone Hawker Sea Fury ARF and now here’s our From the Flightline Video flight Report. If you are looking for a warbird but are tired of all the Mustangs and P-40s then this post WW2 war machine from the Royal Navy is for you. Watch for a complete [...]

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ParkZone S.E.5a Scout — Video Report Card

Dec 22, 2011 No Comments

Featured in the March 2012 issue of Electric Flight, this Pilot Report by Sr. Tech. Editor Gerry Yarrish offers the latest up close info for this great flying icon of WW1 British airpower. Check it out! video platform video management video solutions video player

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Tips from the Flying Field: Aileron Differential

Dec 19, 2011 3 Comments

What is aileron differential and how your model can benefit from using it? Senior technical editor Gerry Yarrish explains this important mix in this online video. Programming this feature into your transmitter will make your plane fly smoother and more precise while eliminating the need to coordinate aileron and rudder input to counter adverse yaw. It’s an especially [...]

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GLIDER MODS FOR EASY TRANSPORT—An exclusive from the February 2011 issue of Model Airplane News

Dec 06, 2011 No Comments

For the Great Planes “Carl Goldberg Classics series” Sophisticated Lady ARF, the author David Garwood made two modifications to make storage and transportation of his glider (and its 78-inch polyhedral wing) easier. He didn’t glue the wing halves together, but instead taped them together for flying. And he modified the tail so that the horizontal stabilizer could be bolted [...]

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Welcome to Shanghai International Model Show

Dec 05, 2011 No Comments

The Shanghai International Model Exhibition (SIME) was committed to bring with an efficient and excellent trade platform for exhibitors and professional visitors for 8 years. It is the preeminently professional r/c model show in theAsia. The display products with the lastest technology and the best quality included all r/c models in cars, planes, boats, trains. [...]

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Tips & Tricks for a Great Film Finish

Nov 26, 2011 9 Comments

For many reasons, heat-shrink plastic films are easily the most popular way to cover a model airplane. They’re easy to apply and come in just about every color imaginable; they’re odorless, non-toxic and almost completely fuel-proof. It’s easy to achieve a great-looking model without a lot of effort; you only need to know the basics [...]

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E-flite Cessna 150 Aerobat ARF 250 — In for review!

Nov 18, 2011 No Comments

The classic Cessna 150, was designed well over 50 years ago but still it has a friendly personality and is loved by millions of people. Tame enough for pilot training, the “Aerobat” version appealed to casual pilots that needed a jolt to become even more proficient.  Quick Vid from the office video platform video management video solutions video [...]

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New For Members Only–10 Steps to Patching a Cloth Wing

Nov 11, 2011 No Comments

We just uploaded another great online exclusive article to our MAN site’s Members Only Section. Accidents Happen All the Time–10 Steps to Patching a Cloth Covered Wing Is from the MAN “Classic Article” archives and it shows step by step how to make an almost invisable repair to a Stits Lite covered wing. By Gerry [...]

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