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Flight Test Kyosho aiRium Spitfire Mk.V VE29

Jun 16, 2010 No Comments

Kyosho’s Answer For An Aerobatic Micro Warbird! Micro warbirds are undeniably popular aircraft, and the airRium Spitfire Mk.V VE29 from Kyosho is sure to be a big hit. Its 25-inch wingspan makes its overall size is slightly larger than that of current micro offerings. And, to ensure the plane has plenty of power, Kyosho includes [...]

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XFC 2010

Jun 10, 2010 No Comments

Join Us! Be our friend, follow us, talk to us, stay in touch with us, or just say Hi!

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BH Models J-3 Cub

Jun 04, 2010 No Comments

David R. Vaught  Photographs by Ellen M. Vaught I would bet when William T. Piper put his name on his first J-3 Cub, he never imagined how much a part of Americana he had created. Who is not enamored by the Piper Cub J-3? One buried in your neighbor’s barn may be every bit as [...]

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Geeking out your FPV, Part 2

Jun 03, 2010 No Comments

FPV upgrades Part 2On Screen Display (OSD), Long Range UHF Radio System and 900MHz 8dBi Flat Patch Antenna By: Kyle MatthewPhotos: Kyle Matthew (See photos below) /SPAN> This month’s upgrades will focus on long-range operations. By now you may be getting comfortable with flying your FPV airplane and want to start pushing the limits of [...]

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A Buster of a Canopy!

May 21, 2010 No Comments

Buster Canopy How To By Bud Roane   When doing a canopy for a sport model, where I want as light a weight as possible and a nice appearance, I usually just spray the inside of the canopy with plastic spray paint. This is a technique that I learned from Dick Sarpolis many years ago. [...]

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Air Hogs R/C Hawk Eye from Spin Master

May 20, 2010 No Comments

                          Air Hogs R/C Hawk Eye from Spin Master Hawk Eye is capable of taking clear and steady video recording even while it is flying. Base on the outlooks of above image the heli has 2 channel IR (possibly the same chassis as [...]

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Super Brain AC/DC Palm Charger

May 20, 2010 No Comments

                           Super Brain AC/DC Palm Charger This latest addition to its world famous line of Super Brain battery chargers can be used for model aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and radio control equipment. Designed from the ground up to charge all current battery chemistry [...]

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TechOne F-18 EDF Jet ARF

May 19, 2010 No Comments

TECHONE  EP ARFs NOW AVAILABLE AT TOWER HOBBIES!   Progressive designs – affordable Tower Hobbies prices!                          TechOne is one of the most respected airplane manufacturers in the R/C industry. Now, their most popular flyers are available at Tower Hobbies’ affordable prices! Cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing techniques minimize weight without sacrificing structural integrity. [...]

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