Gerry Yarrish

50th Anniversary Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome — Mission Event

Apr 14, 2016 4 Comments

If you are thinking about attending the 2016 Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Jamboree for their 50th anniversary, (Sept 9 – 11), then you might want to enter the Mission event. This competition will include the challenging Balloon burst, bomb drop and spot landings events and are based on the older “Mission Event” competition the Jamboree was known for. [...]

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Getting Ready for Top Gun — Repairs and Do-Overs

Apr 14, 2016 9 Comments

So here’s the story. At Top Gun 2015, Frank Tiano offered me an invitation to the world’s greatest Scale Invitational competition. Wow! Really? I commented that he must have lowered his standards but no, Frank said it would be a first–for a magazine editor to compete. For 24 years I have covered the action, pilots [...]

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Balancing Bipes: The Right CG for Safe Flights

Apr 09, 2016 6 Comments

When it comes to RC airplanes, I am of the “two sets of wings are better than one” kind of guys. For any model to perform properly and be safe to fly, it has to be properly balanced. This is especially true for multi-wing models. As a basic rule, you first find the MAC or “Mean [...]

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Coming Soon! — WACO Model-SRE Construction Article

Apr 07, 2016 No Comments

From our good friend and long time MAN contributor Pat Tritle, this newest project of his is the impressive WACO Model-SRE biplane. Intended as a sport scale lightly loaded flier, the WACO has traditional built-up wood construction, and, Pat offers last cut parts and plastic formed pieces to make the build just a bit easier. The model [...]

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Toledo Show Model Airplane Winners

Apr 05, 2016 11 Comments

This past weekend we had an amazing time at the Toledo show, and saw some top notch models in the static competition. Some of the models on display we had been keeping track of while others were a pleasant surprise to see. All the entries were of the highest caliber and in some classes, the competition [...]

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Road to Top Gun — F4U-1A Corsair

Mar 21, 2016 1 Comment

Rene Alvarez, Wesley Chapel, FL, Competing in the Expert class, Rene Alvarez of Wesley Chapel, FL will be flying his F4U Corsair. Built from a very highly modified Meister Scale Corsair kit, it took two years to complete. The Model has a wingspan of 100-inches, a 75-inch length and a dry weight of 44 lbs. For [...]

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Road to Top Gun — An Editor’s Invitation to Top Gun

Mar 18, 2016 8 Comments

And now for something completely different! For the very first time ever, an editor for Model Airplane News will be competing at the annual Top Gun Scale Invitational. I received my invite to compete from Frank Tiano himself while I was covering the 2015 event. MAN has been a major sponsor of the event for many [...]

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Taming a Camel – Bavarian Demon Flight Stabilization System

Mar 18, 2016 1 Comment

I had an interesting time at last year’s Warbirds over Delaware giant scale event. I was flying my newly completed 1/4-scale Sopwith Camel and was having some difficulty landing the short nosed WW1 biplane. I made three flights each ending by flipping over on its nose and I broke three propellers. Not my best showing. It just so [...]

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