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Hangar 9 P-47 Build (assembly)

Jan 26, 2012 4 Comments

Hay gang, here is the video of the first days assemble of the Hangar 9 P-47 Thunder Bolt.  I started with talking out the wrinkles in the covering (not shown in the video) and move on to installing the ailerons. I was able to start on the flaps before stopping for the day.  I wish [...]

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Hobby Lobby P-47 Thunderbolt — Wicked Rabbit Flightline Video

Jan 25, 2012 1 Comment

The newest P-47 Thunderbolt from Hobby Lobby, the Wicked Rabbit, is a cool looking, nice flying mid-size foamy warbird and our own Model Airplane News Sr. Tech Editor, Gerry Yarrish took our review plane to the flying field for a test hop. With great looks and excellent flight characteristics, Gerry says this one is a winner. [...]

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How NOT to make friends at the flying field

Jan 24, 2012 15 Comments

Ok with tongue firmly set in cheek, here are some not so set in stone rules to live by if you want to enjoy the hobby and make friends at the club flying field. Step one is to keep everything in perspective. Hey man! This is a freakin’ hobby and is suppose to be fun! [...]

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Raptor 90G4 Flight Tests

Jan 21, 2012 No Comments

At the flying field the G4 has a presence all it’s own with its carbon structure, bright canopy and all metal flybarless head and tail rotor. While setting up for initial flight tests a crowd gathered like a giant inspection crew pointing out all its new design features and quality parts. There were even comments [...]

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Flyzone Triplane

Jan 20, 2012 No Comments

Well I have to say that this micro Fokker Dr.1 Triplane is one of the nicest micros I have! It flies great in the gym and when it is calm outside you can easily fly patrol around the baseball diamonds! Really a nice flyer! Also, Sr. West coast editor John Reid and I are going [...]

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Blade MSR X — First Flight!

Jan 20, 2012 No Comments

Wow! I can now check “fly a flybarless Heli” off of my RC bucket List. we just got the new Blade MSR-X in for review and while no one was watching I took it for a spin! Well, Hope the Photographer was watching… Anyway this new micro Heli has the AS3X stability system and it makes [...]

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New Mug shot

Jan 19, 2012 1 Comment

Hey it was great to get a email from a fellow RC magazine reporter like myself  We were both covering the Electric Ducted Fan jets @ Ejets International in Ohio.  My stuff went into Electric Flight magazine and he got his photos  into RC Jets International.  Make a long story short my Mug Shot got into his [...]

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Critical speeds for drone aircraft – interesting read!

Jan 19, 2012 No Comments

When I imagine a bird (or drone) flying, I envision it in the open sky, free of obstacles, power lines and the like. This latest news release from MIT shows how researchers studying bird flight speed in dense areas like forests and underbrush can apply that knowledge to drone aircraft, which would be flying through cities and [...]

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