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Twin Mustang From Hobby People

Apr 11, 2015 No Comments

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday. Hobby People’s new P-82 Twin Mustang! Sweet times two. And this ARF comes in the colors of Col. Bob Thacker’s Betty Joe! Should make a great glow or electric project for anyone looking for an exciting warbird project.

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Stearmans Big n Little at Toledo

Apr 11, 2015 No Comments

So, if you like giant scale or micro RC, there were some Stearman PT-17 biplanes for you to choose from. World Models ARF. Looks like 1/4 scale-ish to  me. E-flite’s micro flyer! Sweet!

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Road to Top Gun — Pre-Event Stats

Apr 08, 2015 No Comments

Pulling together an event as big and as nuanced as Top Gun, a lot of planning comes into play. Also, there’s a lot of paperwork involved, and one of the important sheets of paper is the Pilot Registration/Bio form. Frank Tiano the mastermind of, and creator of the Top Gun Scale Invitational, just tabulated some interesting numbers [...]

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Road to Top Gun: Shaun Roblee — Grumman Hellcat

Apr 06, 2015 5 Comments

Shaun Roblee of Huntington Beach California, will be traveling to Top Gun this year with his impressive Grumman Hellcat. Using a fiberglass fuselage and built up wing and tail featuers, Shaun says he chose the Ziroli Hellcat because he just loves the way they fly. As for a full scale project, I wanted to do the big [...]

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RC Workshop Build-Along — Sopwith Camel — Part 23– Painting

Apr 06, 2015 2 Comments

We are nearing the end of this year long project and are now at the stage where we add the color paint coat. Following the Poly Brush Sealer coats, which are applied with brush, all the future paint coats are sprayed on. I use a HVLP (High volume, low pressure) paint gun as it produces [...]

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RC Giant Scale: How To Rebuild a Walbro Carburetor

Apr 06, 2015 9 Comments

One of the great features that make giant scale RC airplanes so popular, is the bulletproof user-friendly nature of the Walbro carburetors used with most of the gas engines powering them. Once a gas engine is properly adjusted, its carburetor usually won’t need to be tweaked again for most, if not the entire flying season. As [...]

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Road to Top Gun — Tom Wood — Blue Angels F-18 Hornet

Mar 31, 2015 1 Comment

For this year’s Top Gun Scale Invitational, Tom Wood, a corporate pilot from Lakeland, FL  (shown with Hornet), is the builder of this impressive F-18 Hornet. Sandro Novelli from Canada will be the pilot for this entry in Team Class. Tom started with a Yellow Aircraft kit, (no longer available), and chose the classic US Navy [...]

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Prepping Fabric Covering — RC Sopwith Camel Build-along — Part 22 — Updated

Mar 30, 2015 10 Comments

It has been a little while since our last posting for the Sopwith Camel Build-Along, but we are making some progress. Last time we covered the basics of applying Stits Lite Poly Fiber covering material and now we continue with the basic steps required to make it ready for painting and finishing. As mentioned before, [...]

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