Helicopter Flight School

Master the Jack Knife

Dec 10, 2013 No Comments

What is the jack knife? Well, it’s a maneuver that looks like a helicopter flying knife-edge on a horizontal plane and doing a sliding half-circle turn inverted while going backward. I’ll break down this simplified description into key steps to help you learn the basics of performing the jack knife.     To perform this [...]

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Oct 03, 2013 1 Comment

In today’s RC heli world there are more training options than ever before. Many newcomers start out with a micro coaxial bird, move on to a micro tail rotor heli and then gradually move up to larger, higher-performance machines. Others start out with a larger helicopter, working with an instructor to get over the initial [...]

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Mastering Autos

Sep 01, 2013 No Comments

Helicopters and their electronics have improved in both design and performance, allowing us to perform 3D maneuvers never before thought possible. Although I’m continually amazed at the new pilots and their innovative maneuvers, one of my favorites is still the old-fashioned autorotation landing. I like this maneuver for several reasons. First, each and every one [...]

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Fly Helis in 10 Easy Steps

Nov 15, 2012 1 Comment

Flying model helicopters is exciting and fun and looks very easy, that is, until you try it. Unlike model airplanes, helicopters lack stability and must constantly be controlled in all the flight axis. The pilot must develop the reflexes to control it, and this takes practice and commitment. By following these 10 steps, you will be up in the air in no time.

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Preflight Setup

Nov 14, 2012 1 Comment

Although computer radios make adjusting the helicopter very easy, I prefer to make mechanical adjustments first to get everything as close as possible to the settings I want, and then I use the radio’s features for fine-tuning. As an example, let’s consider the type of flying you would like to do. If you are ready [...]

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Flying inverted circuits and turns

Oct 31, 2012 No Comments

The safest way of entering your first inverted flight is by trying to stop your heli while it’s inverted at the top of a loop. Enter the loop at a nice comfortable height, and when the heli reaches the inverted stage, release the elevator back to neutral and increase negative pitch to hold it inverted. [...]

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Electric helicopters: your guide to getting started

Aug 17, 2011 No Comments

Today’s state-of-the-art power and control systems for electric helicopters allows for a wide range of size and performance, from models weighing about an ounce to 90-size nitro equivalents. There are models for all skill levels, from beginner to hardcore 3D pilot and everyone in between. It’s never been easier to get started in RC helicopters. [...]

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