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A squadron of tiny quadcopters: must-see video!

Feb 06, 2012 5 Comments

Picture this: a nano quadcopter that’s fast and agile. Then multiply it by 20, and imagine this tiny squadron flying in formation, performing tasks and doing aerobatic maneuvers–together. In a video from the GRASP Lab of the University of Pennsylvania, air vehicles developed by KMel Robotics put on an amazing show. I promise that this [...]

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Savox Servos — Taking RC by Storm!

Feb 06, 2012 3 Comments

  The Model Airplane News editors have been having excellent results with the new line of servos from Savox USA. These impressive servos have been featured in several MAN Airplane Flight Reports and our contributors have given them two thumbs up for price and performance. Extremely popular in both Europe and Asia, Savox are quickly becoming [...]

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Are you an RC geek?

Feb 06, 2012 3 Comments

It’s time for The Radio Control Show Question of the Day. Today we ask: When do you know you’ve become an RC geek? Join in the discussion on facebook! CLICK HERE TO JOIN IN

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Kit Plane Build-along — Florio Flyer 60 with Video Highlight

Feb 05, 2012 7 Comments

Today, we have a lot of great RC pilots who’ve earned their wings with quick building ARF designs. This is great for the flying field, but what’s happening is we’re moving a bit away from the part of the hobby that I really love and that’s the building board in the workshop. To help introduce [...]

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The Radio Control Show 144

Feb 03, 2012 1 Comment

Don’t miss this week’s show where we announce The Radio Control Show’s Best Amateur Video! Also featured in this episode: DMC from RUN DMC, flying people, and much more. Sit back and relax with The Radio Control Show!

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On this Day in Aviation History — February 3,

Feb 03, 2012 No Comments

1995 The space shuttle Discovery (STS-63) blasted off with a woman, Air Force Lt. Col. Eileen Collins, in the pilot’s seat for the first time in NASA history. Discovery rendezvoused with the Mir Space Station and Collins would later visit Mir on STS-84 as well. On July 26, 2005, Collins commanded STS-114, the emotional “Return [...]

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E-flite Albatros D.Va 25e

Feb 03, 2012 3 Comments

The latest in E-flite’s Platinum Series, this built-up WW I fighter will definitely be a knockout on any flightline. Intended for an electric 25 to 52 motor, the Albatros comes with shock absorbing landing gear with scale wheels, top and bottom plug-in wings with carbon fiber wing tube, molded dummy engine and machine gun, wire rigging and [...]

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Hangar 9 P-47 Build (assembly) day 5

Feb 02, 2012 No Comments

Here is the video of the fifth day of assemble on the Hangar 9 P-47 Thunder Bolt.  I finished up with the gas tank and then I moved on to the cowl installation and this took the most time of anything because I can’t take the cut back, so I proceeded slowly.  I got the retracts all [...]

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