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Hangar 9 P-47 Build (assembly) day 3

Jan 30, 2012 2 Comments

Here is the video of the third day of assemble on the Hangar 9 P-47 Thunder Bolt.  I finished installing all of the control surfaces and moving on to the engine.  So far the construction is moving along well and the part fit had been outstanding.  The manual is very complete and explains everything well.   Anyone, with [...]

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The Radio Control Show 143

Jan 27, 2012 1 Comment

We recently received this video from Ali Shanmao of a new kind of RC heli he’s helping evaluate. Here’s one of the test flights of this new concept in RC helicopter design. This week’s episode also features robotic quadcopters, watch the show below.

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Hangar 9 P-47 Build (assembly) day 2

Jan 27, 2012 1 Comment

Here is the video of the second day of assemble of the Hangar 9 P-47 Thunder Bolt.  I finished the flap assembly and move on to the retracts. This is very little modification needed to install the Robart retracts and this moves along much quicker than many other retract installations.  This plane will have an [...]

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Hangar 9 P-47 Build (assembly)

Jan 26, 2012 4 Comments

Hay gang, here is the video of the first days assemble of the Hangar 9 P-47 Thunder Bolt.  I started with talking out the wrinkles in the covering (not shown in the video) and move on to installing the ailerons. I was able to start on the flaps before stopping for the day.  I wish [...]

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Hobby Lobby P-47 Thunderbolt — Wicked Rabbit Flightline Video

Jan 25, 2012 1 Comment

The newest P-47 Thunderbolt from Hobby Lobby, the Wicked Rabbit, is a cool looking, nice flying mid-size foamy warbird and our own Model Airplane News Sr. Tech Editor, Gerry Yarrish took our review plane to the flying field for a test hop. With great looks and excellent flight characteristics, Gerry says this one is a winner. [...]

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On this Day in Aviation History — January 25

Jan 25, 2012 No Comments

2004: NASA’s “Opportunity” rover lands on Mars.   1990: The Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird spy planes are retired from SAC service.   1983: The Swedish/U.S. Saab-Fairchild 340 transport, the first aircraft built by collaboration, makes its first flight.   1952: North American F-86 Sabre jet fighters shoot down 10 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15s over North Korea.   1930: [...]

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How NOT to make friends at the flying field

Jan 24, 2012 14 Comments

Ok with tongue firmly set in cheek, here are some not so set in stone rules to live by if you want to enjoy the hobby and make friends at the club flying field. Step one is to keep everything in perspective. Hey man! This is a freakin’ hobby and is suppose to be fun! [...]

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Ogar SZD-45 from The Wings Maker: Online review

Jan 24, 2012 3 Comments

Looking for a high-performance powered glider that’s capable of full aerobatics and extreme flight attitudes? Check out David Vaught’s online review here. With a huge 98.5-inch wingspan, the Ogar has plenty of room in its fuselage for camera equipment, so it’s an ideal platform for aerial surveillance. The Wings Maker Company is always trying to [...]

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