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British Bomber Formation Flight

Dec 23, 2015 3 Comments

You don’t often see an RC Vickers Wellington at a fly-in, let alone five giant-scale versions of the twin bomber flying in formation! At a recent RC airshow at the East Kirby Airfield in Lincolnshire, in the UK, Pete and Dean Coxon captured the RC aircraft on video, noting that the gusting 25mph winds made [...]

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Drone Nearly Hits World Cup Skier

Dec 23, 2015 17 Comments

At the World Cup in Italy last night, a camera drone crashed just behind skier Marcel Hirscher during a slalom. Race director Markus Waldner told The Associated Press that drones will be prohibited “as long as I am responsible …. because they are a bad thing for safety.” The unmanned flying object carrying a TV camera [...]

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Traxxas Aton Camera Quad

Dec 22, 2015 No Comments

From Traxxas: Aton is your personal video assistant that captures stunning aerial footage in a way that is easy and fun, without the need for any specialized skill or experience. Aton is sporty and smart, practically flying itself with auto take off and simple, intuitive directional control. You simply direct Aton towards your subject and [...]

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AMA Update to FAA Registration

Dec 18, 2015 5 Comments

Hold Off On Registering Model Aircraft On Wednesday, December 16 the AMA Executive Council unanimously approved an action plan to relieve and further protect our members from unnecessary and burdensome regulations. This plan addresses the recently announced interim rule requiring federal registration of all model aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing between 0.55 and [...]

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British Bombers & Fighters Airshow

Dec 17, 2015 5 Comments

In this video, two giant-scale Avro Lancasters, two Spitfires and a Douglas Boston take flight at a Large Model Association airshow at the Cosford Royal Air Force base in Shropshire, UK. Those Brits do love their big bombers and fighters, and we love ‘em, too. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking this great [...]

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Durafly Spitfire Mk1a

Dec 16, 2015 No Comments

We love Spitfires in all shapes and sizes, and this electric 3S or 4S receiver-ready version just made it to the top of our holiday wish list. It has retracts, flaps, steerable tailwheel and even landing lights and comes with two sets of scale decals. Here’s what HobbyKing had to say about this beautiful warbird: [...]

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Hovering: Master this 3D Move

Dec 15, 2015 3 Comments

Of all 3D maneuvers, it’s possible that none represent 3D flying more than hovering. While learning to hover can be extremely challenging, you can make it easier for yourself by knowing the primary forces involved. Control while hovering is maintained solely by the propeller thrust or “prop-wash” over the tail surfaces and the inboard portions [...]

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FAA Announces all RC Pilots Must Register

Dec 14, 2015 56 Comments

CLICK HERE FOR AN IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM THE ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS! The FAA has just announced that all small unmanned aircraft operators (read: model planes pilots) must register with the FAA by February 19th to avoid a $5 registration fee. The registration is good for three years, and you will be given a unique [...]

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