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Building an F-104 Starfighter in 20 minutes — Video

Nov 25, 2014 18 Comments

Our good friend and MAN Contributor Sean McHale, is a very talented scale modeler and is an expert RC turbine jet pilot. He has built several impressive jets and also has produced some amazing videos. Here is Sean’s most recent video showing in time-laps images what exactly goes into building a first class, scale RC [...]

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JR Ninja 3D Quad

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments

From its high-performance radios to its all-out helicopters, JR sets a high standard in quality and design, which is why we are really excited for this new quadcopter! A custom-tuned machine, it has a carbon-fiber main frame, aluminum arms and a polycarbonate top and bottom. We hear it even has 3D aerobatic abilities!! Check out the press [...]

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Easy Scratch-built Skis (Get ready for snow!)

Nov 24, 2014 5 Comments

Now that the first snowfall has hit parts of the country, it’s the perfect time to get prepared for winter flying! This classic how-to from our good friend Roy Vaillancourt provides a great project that will not only use up some of those leftover pieces of wood in your workshop and but also let you enjoy some [...]

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Prepare for landing!

Nov 22, 2014 8 Comments

Someone told me once that landing is the only maneuver that we fly that is absolutely mandatory. If you think about it, this makes complete sense. We don’t have to take off, but once we do, the only thing that we must do is land! So, once you have takeoff down, it’s a good idea [...]

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Flitework Red Bull Planes

Nov 20, 2014 No Comments

RC Red Bull air racers? Count us in! We are so excited to get our hands on these bad boys we can’t wait! Some of these are larger built-up planes, and there are smaller foam planes for electric enthusiasts. And all of your favorites are here: Extras, Edges, Stearmans, Zlins … you name it, they’ve [...]

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Half-Scale Christen Eagle

Nov 20, 2014 11 Comments

With its distinctive multi-color feather motif, the Christen Eagle has been impressing airshow attendees for over 40 years. But when’s the last time you saw a 55% RC model perform? Lucky for us, the father and son team of Pete and Dean Coxon took this video of Robbie Skipton’s giant aircraft at the Large Model Association [...]

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FAA can regulate RC aircraft

Nov 18, 2014 40 Comments

In a much anticipated decision, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled that the FAA has the power to hold drone operators accountable when they operate remote-control aircraft recklessly. In 2011, the FAA had fined aerial photographer Raphael Pirker $10,000 for operating his Ritewing Zephyr in a reckless manner on the University of Virginia campus. An [...]

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Custom Vinyl Graphics

Nov 18, 2014 1 Comment

The opportunities, tools, and techniques to finish, customize, and personalize your aircraft have never been better. Whether your model is scratch-built, kit-built, or an ARF, your creativity combined with a computer, a local sign shop, and vinyl material can provide you with many colorful new options. The vinyl has been cut. With a careful look, [...]

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