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Float-Flying Tips [video]

Sep 18, 2014 2 Comments

Flying floats adds a new dimension to RC flight, but there are a few differences from flying with conventional gear. In this video, contributor Kevin Siemonsen shares his tips and techniques for flying off water, using the new FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver as an example.  Enjoy his float-flying advice, and be sure to check out the [...]

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Easy Turbine F-16: Plug and Play!

Sep 18, 2014 8 Comments

We’ve all heard the expression, “I’d Rather Be Flying”  And after a long cold winter, I could not agree more! Without a doubt you and everyone else in the hobby has certainly noticed the trend toward almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) aircraft and more recently the availability of plug-and-play models at your local hobby shop. This has widely been viewed [...]

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Easy Workshop Tips

Sep 17, 2014 3 Comments

Check out these Electric Flight reader tips! Betcha you’ll use at least one on your next building project! (Have a tip you’d like to share? Send it to MAN@airage.com … no photo required!)   Hatch Leash A great way to ensure your canopy arrives attached to your plane, rather than flying off one way and the [...]

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Sep 17, 2014 3 Comments

Making the most of your computer radio’s features can really improve your flying. Setting up a plane with the right radio programming will make performing all kinds of maneuvers much easier. Let’s see which programs will help improve our 3D flying. But before we address programming, let’s talk about using dual servos for the ailerons. Although most [...]

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Flying Fortress a Favorite at the NEAT Fair

Sep 16, 2014 No Comments

This past weekend was the NEAT Fair (Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair) and as usual, electric airplane lovers from all across the country made their annual trek to Downsville, NY to partake in this E-Power Extravaganza. The MAN Team was on hand and we captured some of the action that drew center-stage on the flightline. One [...]

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Sopwith Camel Build-Along Part 14 — Cabane Struts and Top Wing

Sep 16, 2014 1 Comment

After finishing up the top wing by making and installing the laminated center cutaway bow, it’s time to mate top wing to the fuselage. The struts that support the center of the wing (and set the wing incidence), are called the cabane struts. These work together with the outer interplane struts near the wing tips [...]

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Dromida KODO Micro Quad With Camera

Sep 15, 2014 No Comments

A micro quad with a camera that costs just $60? Sign us up! This little quad even has LED lights to fly at night (and for more “cool factor”!) Photos and videos from a bird’s-eye-view has never been easier. Here’s the complete press release: What makes the $59.99 retail price even more impressive is what it [...]

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Carl Bachhuber’s Giant Baby Clipper

Sep 11, 2014 11 Comments

For many years, expert model designer, builder and pilot Carl Bachhuber of Mayville Wisconsin, has become famous for his amazing multi-engine giant scale airplanes. There is hardly a famous airliner or military bomber and transport that Carl hasn’t successfully built and flown. And for the most part, he usually takes less than a year to [...]

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