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E-flite FJ-2 Fury

Nov 18, 2014 No Comments

It’s a great time to be an RC jet jock: F-16s, MiGs and Super Sabres are a dime a dozen, giving us easy an adrenaline hookup. But what if you’re looking for something a little different?  This micro fighter is just the ticket! When’s the last time you saw a FJ-2 Fury on the flightline? That’s [...]

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Top 10 Heavy-Metal Warbirds

Nov 16, 2014 13 Comments

There’s something special about RC warbirds, because they remind us of a time in history when pilots risked everything to protect their homelands. We also love them because they look great on the flightline, in the air and are a blast to fly! Here at Model Airplane News we are fortunate to be able to [...]

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Giant Airbus A400M

Nov 13, 2014 11 Comments

Powered by four electric motors, this 12-foot-span  RC Airbus was built by  Hannes Heppe and flown at its first airshow at Flugtag in Grenchen, Switzerland. The 83-pound aircraft uses a 6000mAh 6-cell pack per motor and can fly for 7 minutes. Thanks to Markus Nussbaumer for taking this great video and sharing it on YouTube.

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Fantastic Old-Timer RC Video

Nov 13, 2014 16 Comments

Inspired by the life of Maynard Hill, who set dozens of RC records and even flew a model plane across the Atlantic ocean, Jascha Hoffman wrote the song “The Little Airplane.”  It’s featured in this video that showcases archival video of old-timer RC planes, and both the song and the video are a delight. You deserve this [...]

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Can you name four types of flaps?

Nov 11, 2014 16 Comments

Don’t feel bad if you can’t; you are not alone.  And did you know that your plane will react to the flap deployment differently depending on the type of flap you have on your plane.  For a quick rundown on these all important features, read on and see what Klaus Ronge has to say about how [...]

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20 Builder’s Essentials

Nov 10, 2014 12 Comments

The old saying that “Anything is easy if you have the right tools” is particularly true in modeling; the proper tools will simplify any job. There are so many great tools, though, that it can be a challenge to know which to choose. The hardware and tools here will help you with your next project, [...]

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Veterans Day and Me: A Personal Essay

Nov 10, 2014 5 Comments

Although Veterans Day has the stated purpose of remembering the vets and those in uniform, in reality it means different things to different people. For some it is the half-off sales that surround us. For me, it reminds me of one of those could-of-should-ofs that will always haunt me: I never served in the armed [...]

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12 O’Clock High preview –Photos from the Flightline

Nov 10, 2014 No Comments

Some really neat stuff showed up at this year’s event. Full coverage in an upcoming issue of MAN.                

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