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G-Force 4-in-1 spindle tool: works on all 450- to 90-size machines!

Apr 20, 2011 No Comments

Now you only need to keep one spindle tool on your workbench, because the 4-in-1 has 4, 6, 8 and 10mm holes, with a full circumference clamping power for superior gripping. It’s CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, so you know this tool will never mark or scratch the spindle, even if you’ve attached the spindle with [...]

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T-Rex 500E super combo is now available

Mar 30, 2011 No Comments


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Pilot Report Blade mCX2

Oct 27, 2010 1 Comment

The indoor flyer that every kid (no matter how old) should have! By Jet Thompson Photos by Jynette Thompson   The Blade brand of electric helis carries a reputation for first-class quality across its entire product line. Blade offers three levels of E-copters to suit every type of pilot—from beginner to expert. The recently released Blade [...]

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IRCHA Jamboree 2010

Aug 12, 2010 No Comments

Model Airplane News contributor Paul Tradelius (also our “Rotor Speed” columnist!) is at this year’s IRCHA Jamboree and loving every minute of it! He ran into Curtis Youngblood and his protege Nick Maxwell, who placed first and second, respectively, in this year’s Helicopter Nats. Paul notes: “Today marked the 19th time Curtis Youngblood won the [...]

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2009 IRCHA Jamboree

Aug 19, 2009 No Comments

IRCHA Jamboree 2009 August 12 to16 2009, the 2009 IRCHA Heli Jamboree was held at the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Flying Site in Muncie, IN. This year several of the world’s best competitors from the 2009 World FAI Championships (held the week before the Jamboree), stayed over an extra week to participate at the [...]

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MD 520N

Mar 30, 2009 No Comments

Click here to download a scale drawing of the MD 520N.

If you’ve ever watched the popular reality TV program “Cops,” then you know as soon as that “eye-in-the-sky” police helicopter spots the bad guys, its all over but the crying! With their super-high-intensity spotlights and electronic night-vision surveillance systems, police helicopters have revolutionized law enforcement’s ability to find and apprehend bad boys on the run. Several police departments across the country are now using the turbine-powered MD 520N for their flying squad cars. It’s a fast, agile and lightweight all-purpose helicopter. Equipped with a fully articulated, five-bladed main rotor and a NOTAR (no tail-rotor), anti-torque control system, the MD 520N boosts both increased ground safety and improved flight performance. With its 450hp 250-C20R Rolls-Royce engine and high payload-to-empty-weight ratio, it’s an ideal choice for airborne law enforcement. When you need to rapidly deploy S.W.A.T. units, the MD 520N excels at the task.

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