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TechOne Rainbow EP ARF

May 26, 2010 No Comments

TECHONE  EP ARFs NOW AVAILABLE AT TOWER HOBBIES!   Progressive designs – affordable Tower Hobbies prices!                          TechOne is one of the most respected airplane manufacturers in the R/C industry. Now, their most popular flyers are available at Tower Hobbies’ affordable prices! Cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing techniques minimize weight without sacrificing structural integrity. [...]

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F-86 Sabre 15DF ARF from E-flite

May 25, 2010 No Comments

Wingspan: 33.8 in (860mm) Overall Length: 35.4 in (900mm) Wing Area: 256 sq in (16.5 sq dm) Flying Weight: 53 – 55 oz (1500 – 1560 g) Motor Size: 15 DF 3200Kv Brushless Motor Radio: 4+ channels Servos: Sub Micro (4 required) & Micro (1 required) Speed Control : 60-amp brushless Recommended Battery: 4S 14.8V [...]

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Florida Jets 2010

Mar 03, 2010 No Comments

Join Us! Be our friend, follow us, talk to us, stay in touch with us, or just say Hi!       Florida Jets 2010 Sponsored Awards                    Award                       Sponsor            Recipient           Model Best Military Jet Runner-up     GLOBAL JET CLUB      Pablo Fernandez           T-33        Best Military Jet                     JET CENTRAL              Scott Marr                   Hawk Best [...]

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Hobby Lobby Eurofighter

Feb 28, 2010 No Comments

Fully functional canards, 360-degree thrust vectoring, retracts and lights make this jet a winner!

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World’s Fastest Turbine Powered Model Jet

Feb 04, 2010 No Comments

                                  January 26, 2010: Caption from Guinness site: During the presentation of the 2nd International Cup for RC Jets in Santo Domingo from 29 to 31 January, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Carlos Martinez, awarded the new world record to [...]

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Hobby Lobby Super Scale F-16 with 80mm Fan

Jan 11, 2010 No Comments

Hobby Lobby Super Scale F-16 with 80mm fan   28-1/3″ wingspan, 43-1/2″ long, 160-3/4 sq. in. wing area, 35 oz. flying weight. This is a super scale rendition of the USAF F-16 and includes all the quality parts for flying success. The ducted fan unit has a diameter of 80mm and the impeller has 8 [...]

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Major John Glenn F-86

Dec 27, 2009 No Comments

  MAJOR JOHN GLENN F-86 SABRE COMPOSITE EDF JET High End Technology’s newly-released F-86 Sabre is based on the aircraft flown by Major John Glenn during the Korean War. The F-86 is one of the most recognizable jets flown during the Korean War. With classic lines and great flight characteristics, this model is a good [...]

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Electric Turbinator

Oct 08, 2009 1 Comment

Electric Turbinator     Originally designed by Nick Ziroli Sr., as a Model Airplane News construction article, the Turbinator E is now available as an ARF Electyric Ducted Fan known as the Electric Turbinator.   Distributed by Shulman Aviation, the Electric Turbinator features a 40” 2-piece plug in wing and a 43” long fuselage. The [...]

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