Customize Your ARF: Scale Tips & Tricks

May 17, 2016 No Comments by

It’s early Sunday morning. You stayed up late finishing your new ARF warbird last night, and you’re raring to get to the field to collect all the “Oohs,” “Aahs” and accolades that come with the unveiling of a new model. En route, you plan your strategy: choose a spot in the pits that’s accessible to [...]

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Fabric Covering for RC Airplanes — Video How To

Apr 15, 2016 10 Comments by

During my recent workshop Build-along for the 1/4-scale Sopwith Camel project, went into detail on the fabric covering process. The response from all of you was impressive and many of you wanted more specific information on the proper use of Scale Stits Fabric and Poly Tak adhesive. So, I broke out the video camera in the workshop and [...]

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50th Anniversary Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome — Mission Event

Apr 14, 2016 4 Comments by

If you are thinking about attending the 2016 Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Jamboree for their 50th anniversary, (Sept 9 – 11), then you might want to enter the Mission event. This competition will include the challenging Balloon burst, bomb drop and spot landings events and are based on the older “Mission Event” competition the Jamboree was known for. [...]

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Getting Ready for Top Gun — Repairs and Do-Overs

Apr 14, 2016 9 Comments by

So here’s the story. At Top Gun 2015, Frank Tiano offered me an invitation to the world’s greatest Scale Invitational competition. Wow! Really? I commented that he must have lowered his standards but no, Frank said it would be a first–for a magazine editor to compete. For 24 years I have covered the action, pilots [...]

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Fantastic Ford Trimotor

Apr 14, 2016 3 Comments by

Scratch-built by Joachim Damrath, this 160-inch-span Trimotor weighs in at just 53 p0unds. The beautifully detailed radial engines are hiding Zenoah powerplants (two 20cc and one 26cc in the center). Thanks to ScaleJetFred for sharing his terrific video from the Airlinertreffen meet in Oppingen, Germany.  

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Terrific Tempest

Apr 07, 2016 5 Comments by

Built from Vailly Aviation plans, this 1/5-scale Hawker Tempest V has a 98-inch wingspan and weighs in at 43 pounds. Power is provided by a Desert Aircraft 85cc engine spinning a Menz 26×10 prop. Builder and pilot Andy Wynn notes that the warbird also sports homemade retracts and exhaust stacks from Fighter Aces. Thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon [...]

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Coming Soon! — WACO Model-SRE Construction Article

Apr 07, 2016 No Comments

From our good friend and long time MAN contributor Pat Tritle, this newest project of his is the impressive WACO Model-SRE biplane. Intended as a sport scale lightly loaded flier, the WACO has traditional built-up wood construction, and, Pat offers last cut parts and plastic formed pieces to make the build just a bit easier. The model [...]

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Exceptional Aeronca Chief

Mar 30, 2016 8 Comments

This beautifully detailed 1/4-scale Aeronca Chief is the handiwork of Icelandic modeler Sturla Snorrason. A completely scratch-built project, the model features traditional wood construction. Sturla notes, “A lot of time went into the drawings along with study of my full size airplane.” A lot of time also went into the detailing, including the true to scale cockpit! [...]

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