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One of a Kind Messerschmitt

Oct 01, 2015 24 Comments by

Although the full-size German Me P.1110 was never produced, you can tell from this 1/3-scale RC version that it would have been a force to reckon with during WW II. Designed to be a high-altitude, jet-powered interceptor, it was intended as a deterrent to Allied bombing raids but the war ended before it could be put into production. Roland [...]

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Fantasy-Scale Flying Bicycle

Oct 01, 2015 26 Comments by

Bet you’ve never seen RC models like these! Based on a real-life flying bicycle from the 1920s that actually flew across the English Channel, these unusual 13.7-foot aircraft are powered by King 95 engines and fly with 5-foot, 4-inch pilot figures behind the controls! Each model required close to 1,000 building hours, and they fly beautifully. Our [...]

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Red Arrows RC Airshow

Sep 23, 2015 4 Comments by

Check out the  team of  Steve and Matt Bishop flying their turbine-powered Red Arrow BAe Hawks, complete with wingtip smoke! Very impressive flying and coordination from this father and son team, who wow the crowds at events around the globe. Enjoy the show, courtesy of the father and son video team of Pete and Dean [...]

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Name that Big Bipe (It’s not a Jungmeister!)

Sep 17, 2015 8 Comments by

This unusual RC bipe can really put on a show! The 13-foot-span, 67-pound aircraft is a scale model of an Icelandic homebuilt called an “Aerokot” that was designed and flown by aerobatic champion pilot Hunn Senadel. Based on a Jungmeister but slightly smaller, the plane got its name because it fit Hunn like a coat [...]

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Jet World Masters Champion

Sep 03, 2015 6 Comments by

For the third time, Vitaly Robertus and a model Yak-130 have won the Jet World Masters championship event, held this year in Leutkirch im Allgau, Germany. Powered by twin turbines, the 1/4-scale jet has fully functional engine air intakes, access hatches, speed brakes and more. Besides the great flight video, it’s fun to see Vitaly and his team adding the final touches before [...]

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2/3-scale Hanriot HD.1

Aug 27, 2015 10 Comments by

We first featured Ian Turney-White’s impressive WW I biplane a few years ago in Model Airplane News, and we were thrilled to see it fly in a recent video shot at a Large Model Association meet at in Elvington, England. Powered by a 425cc JPX engine, the 19-foot-span scratch-built model weighs in at 195 pounds. In addition [...]

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Video: dead-stick flight!

Aug 25, 2015 20 Comments

Murillo Ghigonetto knows his scratch-built Telemaster can fly like a dream in any conditions. After he installed a selfie stick in its left wing, he flew it to altitude and shut the engine off to not only show how well the Telemaster could fly deadstick but also to showcase the beautiful Brazilian countryside around his [...]

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Friday Fractured Flyers!

Aug 21, 2015 2 Comments

Here’s a fun way to end the work week! We found several great RC airplane crash videos from a fun loving club who’s not afraid to show the darker side of our hobby. We all know watching airplanes losing the aerodynamic argument with gravity is painful, unless of course it’s someone else’s airplane doing the ground [...]

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