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Video Workshop How To: Installing RC Fuel Tanks

May 14, 2014 5 Comments by

For an RC airplane to fly properly and safely, its engine needs a consistent supply of fuel. Whether you are flying a glow powered or gasoline burning airplane, the fuel tank needs to be assembled and installed correctly. Here’s MAN editor Gerry Yarrish with some shop tech tips for you that will help you with [...]

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The Future of Naval Aviation is here Today!

Nov 21, 2013 4 Comments by

When it comes to using drones in the military, the US Navy doesn’t fool around! Claiming to have the best pilots (Aviators) on the planet, the US Navy also has the most sophisticated Drones now in military service. Or, soon to be. Far from the old “Shadow” twin boom UAVs that were caught in nets, [...]

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Giant Warbird Gaggle at Horizon Air Meet

Aug 27, 2013 8 Comments by

By all accounts, the Horizon Air Meet in Germany earlier this month was an incredible show, and judging from what we’ve seen it’s definitely one to add to your bucket list! This video, taken and posted by RCScaleAirplanes, shows the 19-foot-span B-17 we featured a few months ago flying alongside six more gorgeous, giant-scale warbirds. Enjoy! (For background [...]

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