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Dusty Crophopper – Kit Bashing an Animated Disney Superstar

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Kit Bashing is always fun and entertaining, for both Logan (my 12 year old son) and me. What is ‘kit-bashing? This is the question asked when my latest project was described to a modeler friend. Well, It’s part way between building from scratch and building a traditional kit. Using an existing kit as a basic [...]

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Tips for Flying Twins

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Let’s face it, there’s just something extra special about twin-engine RC aircraft. Most modelers stop what they’re doing when a twin fires up on the flightline. It’s has to be the sound of the engines syncing into and out of cadence or maybe, it’s the overall impression people have of airplanes with more than one [...]

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Sample Two

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Warbirds over Delaware 2014 Video

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Homebuilt Project — Construction Article Extras — de Havilland DH90 Dragonfly

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As a bonus for the upcoming construction article in the November issue of Electric Flight, here is the full-length construction notes from designer Ivan Pettigrew. With limited pages in the print magazine, we are pleased to offer this fully detailed version of Ivan’s article for our online readers to enjoy. All the construction photos are [...]

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LTV A-7 Corsair II

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W HEN I DECIDE to design an RIC model- at least. one that I’d like \0 see published- I COIl sider a number of things. Most im portant. it must be a subject on which I’m prepared 10 spend the time required to design and build. Second- and almost as impor- 13n! 10 me- is [...]

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Skyraider A1-E & A1-H

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Aviation enthusiasts should already know the story of the Skyraider. Several excellent books, including Profile’s publication, have been written about this exceptional airplane. Therefore, what I have to say about the Skyraider is a retrospective outline of its development and orientation. The design began in 1944 as a replacement for the SBD Dauntless. The early [...]

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