Wildmann Graphics Iron-on WW1 Lozenge Camo Fabric

Feb 03, 2009 2 Comments

Literally hot off the printing presses, this new very easy to apply, Iron-on WW1 German Camo is now available from Wildmann Graphics. This great new printed fabric Lozenge fabric is the work of Chris Sellmann of Wildmann Graphics and I have to tell ya, it’s great stuff! All you have to do is roll it out and [...]

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Hyperion Super Chipmunk 70E

Feb 03, 2009 No Comments

  By David Vaught   See photos below   Hyperion’s Super Chipmunk 70E is more than an electric airplane ARF. N1114V has a story to tell and the name Art Scholl is sure to come up at your local flying field. Skip Volk also had a lot to do with N1114V, but it was Art [...]

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Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co. R/C flight simulator

Feb 02, 2009 No Comments

”Learning to fly R/C airplanes can be easier”, just apply this joystick with your computer at home !    This is the new GWS R/C flight simulator,  battery pack and adaptor are NOT required, simply plug the USB cable into the USB port of your computer, visit www.gws.com.tw and get the free FMS downloaded, perform Mapping/Calibration well. Then you [...]

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Grand Wing Servo-Tech Co. SUB-MICRO SERIES Servos

Jan 30, 2009 No Comments

  Model  STD BB BBMG Size ( L x W x H ) mm/in Weight 4.8V 6V Speed (sec/60°) Torque Speed (sec/60°) Torque US MRP$ g oz kg-cm oz-in kg-cm oz-in PICO  v 22.8×9.5×16.5 0.90×0.37×0.61 5.40 0.19 0.12 0.70 10 0.09 0.84 12 PICO+ F  v 22.8×9.5×19.8 0.90×0.37×0.78 6.20 0.22 0.12 0.79 11 0.10 0.90 [...]

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Megatech Whirlwind 3000

Jan 29, 2009 No Comments

The Whirlwind 3000 indoor helicopter is 100% ready-to-fly and perfect for beginners looking to get into the world of R/C helicopter flying. The Whirlwind 3000 employs both electronic and mechanical gyroscopic stabilization for rock-steady hovering. The tail rotor is controlled by a micro motor for true yaw-axis stability and control. The Whirlwind 3000 will accurately [...]

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Model Aero Polaris Seaplane Parkflyer

Jan 28, 2009 No Comments

Model Aero is very excited to bring you the Polaris seaplane parkflyer! This model, conceived by noted designer Steve Shumate, is a parkflyer adaptation of Laddie Mikulasko’s beautiful North Star seaplane. Constructed of laser cut 6 mm Depron foam, the 29″ wingspan Polaris features excellent handling qualities, both in the air and on the water. [...]

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TSH Gaui Corporation Hurricane 200 V2

Jan 27, 2009 No Comments

New V2 Features $249 MAP Assembled! $209 MAP Kit Version! The best performing 3D micro helicopter in it’s class. Still uses the affordable 2s 800 mAh pack!  Only a short time needed for completion. (95% factory assembled version) Includes Brushless Motor and 18A ESC. New CNC Universal Battery Plate provides more control over CG and frees up space for [...]

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Megatech Interceptor (Blue or Red)

Jan 26, 2009 No Comments

Megatech’s Interceptor is more than just an awesome looking jet. It’s a 9-inch wingspan R/C model featuring excellent flight performance, flight duration, and overall durability. In other words, it’s got all the right stuff! The Interceptor’s twin motor supply so much thrust that it will do a complete loop with no problem! With the twin-stick [...]

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