Review: Hacker Extra 330SC Profile

Mar 20, 2012 No Comments

Hacker Model in concert with Hacker Motors has introduced the Extra 330SC 3D aerobatic EPP foam profile aircraft.  Advertised as “almost unbreakable”, the 330 Extra is a fairly large 3D foamy with a wing span of 39.37” (1000mm) and a fuselage length of 39.76” (1010mm).  The plane is designed for a minimum of 4 channels [...]

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Revolectrix’s Newest 1000W Cellpro PowerLab 6 Battery Workstation

Mar 19, 2012 No Comments

ALL NEW! 1000W Battery Workstation including an EC5 input cable, will charge, discharge, monitor, or multiple cycle any current or future battery chemistry. POWER you have been waiting for, safety you have come to expect in a compact, affordable Cellpro product. Welcome to the new class of R/C battery management. Built on the amazing PowerLab [...]

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Glow Plug Q&A: idle bars, temp ratings & more!

Mar 14, 2012 6 Comments

HOW DOES AN IDLE BAR HELP WITH THE IDLE? The idle bar is there to keep the glow plug from getting extinguished when the engine is throttled up. When the engine is idling, it has a tendency to pool up some fuel in the crankcase so when the engine is throttled up, that puddle is [...]

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Flight checks for 3D flight

Mar 14, 2012 1 Comment

A series of flight checks are required to program your radio for 3D flying. These flights should not be viewed as practice flights, but a time to evaluate your plane’s tendencies and fine-tune your radio setup. It’s therefore important to conduct your initial flight checks in calm conditions to make it easier to detect your [...]

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Hangar 9 Christen Eagle

Mar 08, 2012 8 Comments

Aerobatic biplanes are always a favorite of any pilot, and the bright color scheme of the Christen Eagle puts it right up at the top of favorite planes.  The new Christen Eagle from Hangar 9 is sure to be winner.  This great looking color scheme is already done up and add to that, a quick [...]

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Cool air-to-air video

Mar 07, 2012 1 Comment

This is still one of the best FPV videos we’ve ever seen. We love the Blohm & Voss flying boat, the scenery, the view from behind the “greenhouse” canopy … it just doesn’t get better than this. Thanks to chrisko1850 for posting it to YouTube for our viewing pleasure!  

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Flying the Beast with AS3X

Mar 07, 2012 10 Comments

My first experience with the AS3X was with the UMX Beast 3D BNF  setup.  I had an experienced pilot fly it the first time for the photos; he also flew the original UMX Beast without AS3X. His first remark was “WOW! I want this plane!” and he continued with similar remarks even after landing. By [...]

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Exclusive sneak Peek: Futaba T18MZ

Mar 07, 2012 7 Comments

Whether young of old, most of us have something exotic that we yearn after, even though we know perfectly well that it isn’t a necessity or even attainable. For some, it may be a Porsche GT, while for other it’s a blood red Ducati Desmosedici that gets the pulse racing. For us RC guys, you [...]

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