Great Planes JU-87 Stuka .60-.90 ARF

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Pilots who missed owning this beautiful warbird before will now have a second chance to buy and fly this great machine! Great Planes is planning a limited re-release of  the Ju-87 Stuka ARFs.

The Ju-87 ARF offers all the trademark features of later Great Planes ARFs, including: interlocking, all-wood airframes, fiberglass parts paint-matched to factory-applied covering and genuine Great Planes hardware.


JU-87 Stuka .60-.90 ARF:

ü  Modeled after the German dive bomber that terrorized Allied troops during WWII

ü  All-wood construction and interlocking parts cut assembly time to 20-25 hours

ü  Lots of scale touches, including a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, “underslung” flaps and ailerons on the gull wing, and a “greenhouse” canopy

ü  Large control surfaces and separate aileron servos add stability to your maneuvers


Wingspan: 70 in (1780 mm)

Wing Area: 770 in² (49.6 dm²)

Weight: 8 lb (3630 g) 

Wing Loading: 24 oz/ft² (73 g/dm²)

Length: 55 in (1395 mm)

Requires: 4-7 channel radio with 5-7 servos & a 2-stroke .61-.75 or 4-stroke .91 engine. 


The JU-87 Stuka will be available late December


GPMA1340    JU-87 Stuka .60-.91 ARF                     Price:  $329.99

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Great Planes Curtiss P-6E Hawk ARF

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Pilots who missed owning this beautiful warbirds before will now have a second chance to buy and fly this extraordinary machine! Great Planes is planning a limited re-release of  the Curtiss P-6E Hawk ARF. The P-6E Hawk, released in 2005, remains the only available ARF version of the pre-war classic. This plane offers all the trademark [...]

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SEF 94 Pre-Mixed Gasoline

Dec 21, 2010 No Comments

What is SEF™94? SEF™94 is the solution for all of your large-scale fuel needs. SEF™94 is formulated by the experts at VP® Racing Fuels specifically for optimum performance and long-term durability in small 2-stroke engines. VP® starts with a premium high-performance unleaded ethanol-free race-blend, and then premixes only the highest quality synthetic oil that exceeds [...]

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Futaba S9074SB Digital Programmable S.Bus Servo

Dec 20, 2010 No Comments

Futaba expands its lineup of high-performance S.Bus servos. In models equipped with the S.Bus System, they can be programmed to respond exactly as needed for the tasks and applications you assign to them. They are ideal for large-scale aircraft, where multiple servos must be perfectly coordinated to perform a single function. ü  Designed for cable-free [...]

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Phoenix Model Jupiter .46 ARF

Dec 17, 2010 No Comments

The Phoenix Model Jupiter .46 ARF fits the bill for pattern pilots who want a stylish aerobat that doesn’t require a lot of building!   ü  Ready for precision aerobatics after just a few hours of final assembly ü  Made with lightweight, laser-cut wood and covered with genuine Oracover® ü  Accentuated with a durable, factory-painted [...]

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Eagle Tree eLogger V4 Data Logging System

Dec 16, 2010 No Comments

                                            After listening to your valuable feedback, Eagle Tree is excited to announce the eLogger V4!   The eLogger V4 is packed with new logging features you’ve requested, while retaining all the great features of [...]

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Dec 14, 2010 No Comments

New from PowerBox – the Cockpit SRS (Serial Receiver System) World’s first power supply system with the facility to connect four different receivers for Spektrum, Futaba S-BUS, Jeti satellites and Multiplex M-LINK receivers. World’s first power supply to offer down link channel transmission for Spektrum and Multiplex receivers. World’s first power supply to offer unrestricted [...]

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A Main Hobbies Signs Frank Columbia as 2011 Flight Team Manager

Dec 13, 2010 No Comments

A Main Hobbies Signs Frank Columbia to Flight Team and assigns him as 2011 Flight Team ManagerChico, California, December 10, 2010 – A Main Hobbies today announced that they have signed Frank Columbia to the 2011 A Main Hobbies Flight Team. Frank will be exclusively sponsored by A Main Hobbies and will promote A Main [...]

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