Seagull Zlin Z-50

Jun 20, 2011 No Comments

Forget about all those cookie-cutters Extras and Edges … you’ll stand out from the crowd when you bring this Zlin to the field! With a .75 to .91 engine in its nose, this aerobat is ready to put on a show. Ideal for intermediate to advanced pilot, this built-up ARF has UltraCote covering and comes [...]

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BH Model Pitts

Jun 17, 2011 No Comments

Check out this exclusive look at the BH Models Pitts with a video interview given by John Reid.  John talks to Mike Gantt, who is the author of the Pitts review that is going into the September issue of Model Airplane News.  See Mike’s take on this amazing plane along with some flight footage long [...]

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Flight Technique: Mastering the 4-point roll

Jun 16, 2011 No Comments

By Klaus Ronge Four-point roll Enter straight and level, full-power roll right First point; add slight left rudder Second point; add slight down-elevator Third point; add slight right rudder Fourth point; slight up-elevator, exit straight and level WHEN YOU CAN FLY THE FOUR-POINT ROLL WITHOUT ANY ALTITUDE LOSS, BEGIN THE MANEUVER FROM LEVEL FLIGHT The [...]

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BH Models Wild Hots

Jun 16, 2011 1 Comment

By Mike Gantt As you’ve probably noticed, retro seems to be all the rage lately—be it in movies, music or cars—and BH Models is joining in by introducing the Wild Hots ARF, paying homage to the popular ’80s fun flyer. However, unlike the classic, you’ll be airborne in just a few hours, instead of spending [...]

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Summertime fun-flying season

Jun 16, 2011 No Comments

For almost forever, RC model clubs have cooked up all sorts of ideas to keep their members interested in attending flying-field events. These outings bring the members and their families together and promote the growth of the hobby—and the club—while offering some weekend summertime fun! Thus, the fun-fly was born. In the beginning, these impromptu [...]

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The DH Beaver Song

Jun 15, 2011 No Comments

This little ditty made my day; hope it makes you smile, too!

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MonoKote Trimming: Video Series

Jun 15, 2011 8 Comments

Here is a three part series on adding MonoKote Trimming.  This is how you can add a trim bar to the underside of just about any wing. The plane I am using here is the Viper 500 From Great Planes. This technique can be used on any type of film covered plane and having easy [...]

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Aerotowing: An Introduction to an RC Team Sport

Jun 10, 2011 9 Comments

In this article from the MAN archives, Dave Garwood share what it takes to get involved in aerotowing, from the planes to the equipment to the techniques.  Aerotowing is growing rapidly, both in interest and sophistication. The grace and majesty of a large-scale sailplane launched by aerotow-plus the unparalleled opportunity for cooperation and interaction between pilots of [...]

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