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Blowjet’s First Flight

Blowjet’s First Flight

Can an inflatable pool toy fly if it has the right propulsion system? Find out in this fun video posted on YouTube by Roger Wegert. Two thumbs up for innovation!

Updated: May 20, 2014 — 2:46 PM
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    1. Nice flying pool toy……but the origional blow plane I flew at neat fair is better looking in red blue and yellow….

  1. Now that’s pretty clever! Clearly “out of the ……pool” thinking! Incredible flying site!

  2. I saw this fly at the NEAT fair in 2013–everyone was clapping and laughing! That was one of the best and fun flying models at the NEAT fair. Congratulations to Rodger on a fun project!

  3. Saw this a the NEAT last year, it was amazingly simple in concept and flew well.

  4. Like the place they flew at near windmills, just hope the plane doesn’t get “poked ” by the pointy props there. LOL

  5. If the guy had launched it level the second time,it might have had a chance, but he released it on the side and gave it a left hand spin to boot!!

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