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Booma RC’s Microprocessor 3-Stage Fail-Safe Ignition Switch

The Australian Booma RC has designed and now made available a 3-stage fail-safe ignition switch for gas powered models.  Referred to as Iggy, a microprocessor controlled optically isolated switch with 3 stage ignition protection. Iggy features a high intensity blue LED to give exact feedback to the user.

Here is how the 3 stage safety system works.

1) Iggy’s front panel LED will flash when your receiver is powered up, showing a potential switch on condition.

2) Iggy has a front panel fail-safe switch and pressing the front panel switch will allow Iggy to arm. The front panel LED will flash at a faster rate.

3) Iggy will arm the ignition when the previous two conditions are met and a signal is received from the receiver. The LED will glow bright blue.

4) Iggy features Booma RC Glitch-Free  technology so your models ignition will stay in a fully operational condition unless a correct signal or user front panel intervention tells it to switch off.

5) Emergency off switching can be accomplished by pressing and holding the front panel button.

Ideal For:
– Battery powered Ignition systems.
– Magneto powered Ignition systems. (Zenoah etc) (Will require additional relay).
– Battery eliminator ignition systems.

IGGY Features:

Microprocessor control – of Optical Isolated digital switching circuit.

Fail Safe Switching – follows fail safe switching of receiver setup.

High Bright Blue LED – for easy daylight viewing.

3 Stage Arming – for complete monitoring of potential live ignition.

– 3 Stage Emergency Ignition Kill – By front panel switch. By transmitter signal. By switching off power to the receiver.

– Remote Ignition Kill – via transmitter.

– Receiver Power connected Indication – via LED flashing indication.

– Micro-Power design less than 1uA in standby mode. Less drain on your model’s ignition battery than battery leakage so you can leave IGGY con- nected to the ignition battery permanently.

– Battery Input Voltage 1v to 60v. – Can also be used as an “On-board” Glow Driver.

– Weight 17 grams.

– Dimensions 36mm x 17mm (1.41 x 0.66 inches).


– Optical Isolated digital switching circuit with better than 1500V Isolation.

– Works with Battery chemistry

LifeP04 (2 cells) In most cases a regulator not required.

LiPo (2 cells) Ignition may require a regulator.

Lion (2 cells) Ignition may require a regulator.

NiCd (5 Cells) Ignition no regulator required.

NiMH (5 Cells) Ignition no regulator required.

NiCd (1 Cell) Glow Driver.

NiMH (1 Cell) Glow Driver.

– Maximum input voltage 60 volts.

– Minimum input voltage 1 volt. (Ideal also for glow driver)

– Max continuous current: 4A or 6A depending on version

 – Approximately 1uA current draw from ignition battery.

– Operating Temperature – 40 to 80 degrees Celsius

MSRP $39 – 12 month warranty


Updated: June 13, 2012 — 8:39 PM
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