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British Bomber Formation Flight

British Bomber Formation Flight

You don’t often see an RC Vickers Wellington at a fly-in, let alone five giant-scale versions of the twin bomber flying in formation! At a recent RC airshow at the East Kirby Airfield in Lincolnshire, in the UK, Pete and Dean Coxon captured the RC aircraft on video, noting that the gusting 25mph winds made flying and landing “very intersting indeed!” Designed and built in the mid-1930s, the Vickers Wellington was used as a night bomber in the early years of WW II.

Updated: December 23, 2015 — 9:51 AM
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  1. Those light colored ones remind me of how my Cub lands. Takes quite a bit to slow it down, just a touch of elevator and its off the ground again.

  2. I loved the landings. Tail dragger is a problem but I know those pilots with the control boxes are great. Well done !! Great workmanship.

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