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David Vaught

Duck Hunting and Radio Control

I am a duck hunter and have been most of my life.  With my father being a waterfowl biologist I guess I was one lucky kid.  Anyway, all my radio control efforts have lead to three new developments for my fall 2011 hunting including a remote control duck with a boat rudder, speed 400 motor […]

iPhly – Turn you iPhone into an RC Transmitter

This is cool technology.  Basically you attach the iPhly actuator to your iPhone, down load the program, and then what you see is a visual slope indicator.  By tipping the phone the plane responds with control movements.  Holding the phone level makes the plane fly level.  Moving your finger up and down the screen controls […]
WWII Combo Pack 600x120

RevoLectrix introduces there new Cellpro 10XP Multi Chemistry Charger

RevLectric continues to develop what the user demands in electronics for the RC industry.  Here is their newest: In addition to all the great features found in the original Cellpro 10s charger, the new Cellpro 10xp adds multi-chemistry charging capability, much higher charging power and automatic charge/discharge-to-storage cabability. With support for up to 15A max […]
WW II First Dogfights

Hitec Introduces their DogFighter Aircraft

From their press release: Our fast and agile racer, the DogFighter, brings the old fashioned art of aerial combat to your local flying field. With crisp handling and precise response, this sporty flyer will tear through the skies with aerobatic mastery. Inspired by the classic warbirds of WWII, our compact speed demon was designed with […]

Hitec announces their newest high voltage, premium micro servo, the HS-5087MH.

From their press release: HS-5087MH, High Voltage, Premium Digital, Metal Gear Micro Servo! Our micro line continues to deliver major power with the introduction of our HS-5087MH. This digital, metal gear servo is the high voltage version of our ever popular HS-5085MG. Built with a 3-pole ferrite motor and heavy-duty metal gears, this servo will […]

Hitec announces the arrival of their waterproof servos, the HS-646WP and HS-5646WP

From their press release: HS-646WP High Voltage, High Torque, Analog Waterproof Servo HS-5646WP High Voltage, High Torque, Programmable Digital Waterproof Servo Our new waterproof servos have what it takes to keep your radio control vehicle, airplane or robot watertight! With high torque, dual ball bearings and metal gears, both our analog and digital waterproof servos […]

Hitec presents the smallest, mass produced digital servo, the HS-5035HD

Here is the newest press release on the HS-5035HD The HS-5035HD Digital Ultra Nano. Great things do come in small packages. Our new, ultra nano HS-5035HD is the digital version of our popular HS-35HD and is destined to become a fan favorite! Equipped with a fully programmable digital circuit, Metal KarboniteTM gear train and long […]
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