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David Vaught

Hitec announces the arrival of their waterproof servos, the HS-646WP and HS-5646WP

From their press release: HS-646WP High Voltage, High Torque, Analog Waterproof Servo HS-5646WP High Voltage, High Torque, Programmable Digital Waterproof Servo Our new waterproof servos have what it takes to keep your radio control vehicle, airplane or robot watertight! With high torque, dual ball bearings and metal gears, both our analog and digital waterproof servos […]

Hitec presents the smallest, mass produced digital servo, the HS-5035HD

Here is the newest press release on the HS-5035HD The HS-5035HD Digital Ultra Nano. Great things do come in small packages. Our new, ultra nano HS-5035HD is the digital version of our popular HS-35HD and is destined to become a fan favorite! Equipped with a fully programmable digital circuit, Metal KarboniteTM gear train and long […]
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Sullivan Introduces Multi-Head Glow Driver

Sullivan’s new M062 (three cylinder), M063 (four cylinder) and M064 (five cylinder) multi-head glow control allows the user to employ glow power in concert with throttle position.  Set points for each cylinder can be controlled via a panel mounted on the outside of your aircraft.  A green LED will flash to indicate burned out glow […]

Flyzone’s New Micro Cub

Just got one of these and I would say right up front that the little 3-channel Cub looks like it is going to be fun to fly.  The Cub uses a 130 mAh 3.7V LiPo that can be charged in about 20-30 minutes right off the receiver with a special charging port.  As well the […]
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Hotwire Foam Cutting

If you have ever wanted to make your own foam flyer you have to check out Hotwire Foam Factory’s bow cutters.  They come in lengths from 24″ to 48″ and make quick work of hot wire foam cutting.  I actually made a 3D plane from scratch using their stuff and it was a blast to […]

A Favorite Mom and Pop Hobby Shop – Mark Twain Hobby

I live in the midwest and have experienced a loss of local hobby shops.  I love walking through brick and mortar hobby stores.  One of my favorite hobby shops in the St. Louis area is Mark Twain Hobby located in historic Saint Charles, just west of St. Louis.  They opened in 1976 and have a […]

Hobby People’s new Superfly X

Just got my hands on one of these so be looking for my review soon.  I have the receiver ready brushless version so I know this will be a great performer.  I will couple it with my Airtronics RDS 8000 transmitter and a RX600 receiver.  My first impression is the Superfly is big and comes […]

Bushnell Speed Gun

If your club has a few folks that breath speed or you are pylon racing, take the argument out of who is the fastest with Bushnell’s Speed/Velocity Gun.  This is an accurate way to make sure you know the exact speed of passing planes.  This would be a great use of club funds or as […]

MPI announces new On-Board Watt Meter/Battery Monitor System

MPI/Maxx Products continue to make our lives easier with better ways to make sure we know the condition of our on-board battery packs (MX8260).  This new system will monitor batteries from 3.5v to 10v and up to 8000 mAh.  The onboard unit weighs in at 0.4oz. (11g) and uses a handheld unit that plugs into […]

Yes, I wreck them too!

One of the fun things about photo shoots is the camera person keeps the shutter open no matter what I am doing as the pilot.  This is a 2DogRC Jimmie Wade EPP 3D that was an absolute dream to fly.  I still wonder what I did to auger this little beauty into the ground, but […]

One of my favorite airplanes

I have always been a Piper Cub fan.  I dream of opening a barn door some day and finding one inside ready to be restored.  But I am height challenged at 6’6″ and wedging my way into a Cub is just not that comfortable.  I remember several years back I had exhausted myself looking for […]

Nine Lives

Nine Lives Aviation accident investigators have suggested over the years that in many cases a string of events occurred well before an accident.  Some have said pilots might in fact use their proverbial nine lives prior to catastrophic events.  The National Safety and Transportation Board statistics indicate something like 83% of all accidents are caused […]
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