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David Vaught

V Speeds

One of the major differences between full-scale flight and radio control is obviously no one is in the cockpit.  But, if we could be in the cockpit, what would we be likely looking at throughout the flight?  My experience tells me airspeed would be a continuous part of my visual scan of the instruments.  On […]

RC Accessory’s All-in-one Plug

If you don’t have one of these to make sure you can charge just about any battery you are missing a real time saver.  I use one with my LiPo Locker and I can easily connect to all my different battery types.  The setup even provides a couple of blank leads so you can add […]
Hobbico RF8 600x120

MPI’s 7.4v Charge Switch

Check these out if you are making the switch to new LiPo or Li-ion onboard power supplies.  With the use of programmable BEC’s like Castle’s BEC pro you can make sure you have plenty of power to fly all day instead of worrying that at any minute the bottom is going to fall of your […]

MPI’s Insta Check Pro

This newly improved voltage checker is something I use all the time. The previous version used LED’s to show the condition of the battery, but only measured 4 and 5-cell NiCd/NiMH batteries, or 2-cell LiPo’s, with a maximum voltage of 15v. The newest model now provides an easy to read LCD screen with voltage to 20v, battery […]
PhotoDrone 600x120

Hobby People Superfly X Kit – BL Motor/4-Blade Prop/Ailerons

Hope to have this in the hanger next week.  Check back to follow my impressions.  The Superfly X comes in three versions:  A brushless receiver ready version just needs your RX and TX, a brushed RTF and a brushless kit requiring servos and receiver.  The Superfly X is EPO foam. http://www.hobbypeople.net/index.php/rc-planes/airplanes/rc-gliders/hobby-people-superfly-x-kit-bl-motor-4-blade-prop-ailerons.htmlSpecifications • Wing Span: 54.5in […]

Hacker Extra 330SC

I have been flying this EPP foam 3D plane for a while and I constantly tweak the aircraft to get exactly what I want in the air.  Be on the lookout for this review in the up coming months.  The Extra is a large 3D airplane capable of full aerobatics and 3D flight.

LiPo Locker

If you are like me and fly a lot, you also charge your batteries often.  Safety is a priority, but no matter what, I get distracted.  I work in my attached garage so if anything happened while charging a LiPo, I would be in big trouble.  The LiPo Locker is a wonderful addition to my […]

Ogar SZD-45

Be on the lookout for this cool motor glider being reviewed in up coming issues of MAN.  It is a heavy hauler with a huge camera platform for either shooting below the fuselage or by mounting a pan/tilt on top.  No prop to interfere with photography either.  The design is excellent with regard to CG.  In […]

Castle Creations Berg 7P Receiver

When I first started in R/C the radios left a lot to be desired.  My early AM radios were soon replaced with FM and I still have total confidence in FM transmitters and receivers.  I use my Futaba 9 Cap Super in both FM and 2.4 GHz configurations, but again, I fly lots of planes […]

Servo City Servo Stretcher

One of the big issues with onboard camera setups is getting the pan/tilt system to rotate further than 90 degrees.  Most analog servos are designed to rotate 45 degrees in each direction, but with the servo stretcher you can boost the signal to the servo to gain a rotation of 90 degrees in each direction. This is […]
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