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A True Craftsman!

A True Craftsman!

Hawaii resident Young Park  creates true scale masterpieces out of aluminum. Each aircraft is meticulously crafted, with functional cables and controls and painstaking scale details. Mr. Park generously donated his first (cutaway) Corsair model to the Joe Martin Foundation. It can be seen in its display at the Foundation’s museum in the Sherline building in […]
Fuselage parts

Spirit of “Ob”: Fuselage Construction

  The fuselage for most Ugly Stik (& Stick) models is basically a balsa box.  Many builders have modified the fuse a variety of ways adding a round cowl, canopy, guns, raising the wing saddle or lowering it.  It may be one of them most modified designs, one of my favorites is to flip the […]
Real flight 600x120
New Project — Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane

New Project — Balsa USA 1/3-scale Fokker Triplane

Wow! I just got my new kit delivered!  I ordered it at the Toledo show (preordered) and I think it was worth waiting for. It has a 93 inch span and comes in at about 25 pounds. I plan to hang my GT 80 on the firewall. Here are some photos I found online of […]

Booma RC’s Microprocessor 3-Stage Fail-Safe Ignition Switch

The Australian Booma RC has designed and now made available a 3-stage fail-safe ignition switch for gas powered models.  Referred to as Iggy, a microprocessor controlled optically isolated switch with 3 stage ignition protection. Iggy features a high intensity blue LED to give exact feedback to the user. Here is how the 3 stage safety system […]
Rotordrone Photo Contest
Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk, First Look!

Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk, First Look!

We got our first look at the Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk, and we were impressed.  The P-40B is an easy to assemble ARF that went together quickly, with very clear directions.  Once done you have a great looking fighter that is very solid in the air right out of the box with no modifications. We […]
Workshop Build-Along — Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair — Part 4

Workshop Build-Along — Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair — Part 4

With the wing all taken care of, the next step is assemblying the tail surfaces. The first step is to attach the plastic attachment tabs on the elevator control rods. Be sure to thread each of them the same number of turns so the control linkage leverage is the same length. The horizontal stabilizer and […]

Booma RC’s Intelliswitch V2

Booma RC’s innovations for high performance and demanding giant scale pilot configurations includes the Intelliswitch V2. This extensively designed switch includes: Dual Bat (Battery redundancy), Dual Battery Voltage Monitor, Dual Battery mA Usage Monitor, Flight Timer, Flight Counter and Temperature monitor. Intelliswitch Features: – Microprocessor control – of 2 x independent high powered digital switching […]

Booma RC’s Wallaby Switch with Battery Voltage Monitoring

Booma RC is an Australian company offering a broad range of products for the RC community. Check them out at: Among their many offerings is the Wallaby Switch.  This unique product is capable of controlling and monitoring the power from your receiver battery through a digital microprocessor.  It is produced in both a single […]
Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!

Win a Gorilla Glue Prize Package!

What are the last two things you glued together? Enter our Facebook contest and your innovative answer could win you this $50 Gorilla Glue prize package. Contest ends June 19, and winners will be chosen by the Model Airplane News editors. Good luck! [Please free to reply here, but remember that only responses on our […]
Workshop Build-Along — Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair — Part 3

Workshop Build-Along — Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair — Part 3

The next step after getting the Top Flite Giant Scale Corsair up on its gear is to get the outer wing panels attached. There are some teflon alignment pegs that have to be glued into the outer ribs of the center section and then you have to install the forward carbon fiber attachment rod with […]
Wing finished, on to the fuse.

Spirit of “Ob” : Wing Construction

  Construction of the Das Little Stik began with the wing.  This is a 30 year old die cut kit, the quality of the balsa and die cutting was good.  If a kit is properly stored in a dry place it can be built many years later. The building board is as important as the […]
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