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Morgan Fuels

Advances Scale Models A-26 Invader

Advances Scale Models A-26 Invader

This high-performance twin-engine ARF captures the same thrill and excitement of the full-size bomber The horizontal stabilizer is attached with a scale dihedral angle and the control linkage is easy to install. The rudder uses pull-pull cable control. SEEING OFFICIAL COMBAT and civilian service for over 40 years, the Douglas A-26 Invader included two monstrous […]

Ready mk3 ARF, Thunder Tiger ABS Series

Text and photos:  Jerry Smith See more photos below The Ready mk3 is a newly released model in Thunder Tiger’s ABS series. There are three available at this time: the Beaver, Cessna Cardinal and the Ready mk3. These ARFs are completely different from what we are used to seeing. They’re made entirely of precision-molded ABS […]
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