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It’s Swap Meet Time!

It seems the early part of the year around the midwest is the time for indoor swap meets.  These are a great time and if you thought you knew the wide variety of models and equipment you are mistaken.  I go to just see all the stuff people have.  One thing that always impresses me […]

MPI improves their Heavy Duty Charge Switch for LiFe

I have used MPI products for years and I know from experience they are always making improvements.  Their newest, to be released soon, is the 6272 MPI HD Charge switch w/ LED Indicator improved to accommodate LiFe batteries.  Their previous model was designed for LiPo and Li-ion cells at 7.4 volts.  The newest version will […]
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Just fly for fun

I suppose I am spoiled as I live on 20 acres and have my own flying field.  I do my best to keep planes ready to fly and the other day I looked up and saw my trusty eFlite Alpha 450.  I grabbed a couple of batteries and walked to the runway.  It had been […]
Let’s Have Some Fun

Let’s Have Some Fun

The whole point is to have fun. Often we take our hobby to seriously. My self included. This article will be short and sweet. It’s about letting your imagination take over. Every time I try to  take a break a new inspiration hits me. The following pictures are just an example of this. I’ll give […]
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De Havilland DH 88 Comet Full Build Part IV

De Havilland DH 88 Comet Full Build Part IV

I have scratch built many twins over the years. No matter whose plans I’m working with they all shared one thing in common. Very poor detail when it comes to nacelle construction. Below is a photo of the plans for the nacelle. You will notice the very complex retract apparatus drawn. The plans were clearly created […]

2 New Estes Micro EP RTF Helicopters For First Time Pilots

Estes has been in business for many years producing quality products that work, and at affordable prices. These two new micro helicopters are fully assembled and perfect for first-time pilots!  The SF161™ is the pod and boom version and includes counter-rotating blades for stability, a 3.5-channel infrared radio system and 3.7V LiPo flight battery.  The […]
Take Some Free Advice And Save Big

Take Some Free Advice And Save Big

I’m very fortunate to belong to a flying club with  great facilities. We have two black topped runways as well as a Pitts areas for setting up your airplanes. Because of the close proximity to town our flying field attracts a great many onlookers. Many of these onlookers are new to the hobby or are […]

Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2 Pro Receiver-Ready ARF

I just received this information on the new Raptor 30 V2 Pro. As you know, the Raptor line has been available for many years, and they are committed to improving and upgrading this great line of helicopters. Here is some information I’m sure you will find useful and interesting if you are looking for a […]

RealFlight 6 Simulator Reset and Rewind Feature

The more I use my RealFlight 6 sim, the more I like it. Although it has many great new features, I really like being able to do the impossible – that is, reliving the past.  Not only can I get back in the air with an undamaged helicopter instantly after a crash without using a […]

New Losi 4WD Off Road Truck

Over the Christmas holidays I went to San Fran to visit my son and granddaughter. Although my son and I have flown r/c airplanes and helicopters over the years, he is now interested in 1/5 gas r/c cars. So, for Christmas he received the new Losi 1/5 4WD Off Road Truck (LOSB0019WHTBD) from Horizon Hobby […]
Aero Commander: First look at an unlimited aerobatic twin

Aero Commander: First look at an unlimited aerobatic twin

Over many years, the legendary Bob Hoover proved to millions of onlookers just how capable the Aero Commander really is.  He would take his green and white Aero Commander Shrike and put it through an impressive array of aerobatic maneuvers – first with both, then one, then none of the engines running.  Not a bad […]
Sneak peek: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 26cc BNF

Sneak peek: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 26cc BNF

Hangar 9’s BNF (Bind-N-Fly) Taylorcraft does the classic aircraft proud. As soon as you pop the top off the box, you know you treated yourself to many hours of enjoyment. Everything—and I mean everything!—is included; just add your favorite 6-channel DSM2 or DSMX compatible radio and do some basic assembly and you’re ready for takeoff. I […]
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