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RealFlight Expansion Pack 6

  18 new ways to unprecedented fun!   The opportunities for adventure are here! Stretching from the tiny 7.5” span indoor flyer to the 33’8” span Convair Sea Dart – the only seaplane ever to break the sound barrier – RealFlight Expansion Pack 6 delivers it all. Power options range from electric nano helis to glow- or […]

O. S. 72FS-a 4-stroke Engine

Excellent power that runs cleaner!   A win-win engine for any pilot! The O. S. 72FS-a 4-Stroke offers more power in the same footprint as a 70-size – and with an ingenious oil system that boosts performance and virtually eliminates clean-up.   Precision-machined, bar stock piston, crankshaft, camshaft, conrod and rocker arms Durable, heat-treated parts Stronger […]
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Great Planes Matt Chapman Eagle 580 ARF 1/3 Scale

On-the-edge performance with on-the-money realism!       There’s no mistaking Matt Chapman’s Embry-Riddle ride, and no closer match to it in looks and performance than the 1/3 scale Eagle 580 ARF!  Pounds lighter to push the envelope wider, the Eagle 580 1/3 scale ARF boasts an authentic trim scheme, from the licensed Embry-Riddle livery […]

Kyosho Fun Tech 600mm Blades

New Fun Tech 600mm blades will fit most .50 sized Nitro or Electric Helicopters. These blades are lightweight and specifically designed for 3D flight styles. The blades are manufactures with very high quality and balance in mind. Expect to feel crisp cyclic response with excellent sharp collective feel. These would make a great addition to your current Caliber […]
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O. S.® Engines RP6 & RP7 Turbo Glow Plugs

Ideal for most .12 – .21 on-road racing Turbo head engines.  O. S. RP6 and RP7 Turbo Glow Plugs are the newest high-performance glow plugs “Tough Enough to Take the Heat”™!  Drivers can choose the RP7 to counter hot-running Turbo head engines or the RP6, which performs well in all seasons within a wide temperature […]

Matt Chapman and his Eagle Aerobatic Plane

Recognized as an extraordinary aerobatic pilot, Matt Chapman thrills millions of airshow fans each summer. He began flying aerobatics in 1984 and quickly worked his way up to the highest level of competition aerobatics – the Unlimited category. Recognized for his skills, he won one of only five slots on the U.S. Unlimited Men’s Aerobatic […]

ElectriFly E-Performance Sequence 50” F3A Pattern ARF

  See unlimited pattern performance in a whole new light!   Engineered for crisp response, smooth handling and straight-as-an-arrow tracking, the ElectriFly Sequence Pattern ARF boasts a brilliant six-color MonoKote trim scheme with bold graphics on the wing bottom to make it easy to spot in the air. Easy to assemble, the Sequence’s motor box is […]

AquaCraft Mini Thunder Round Nose Hydroplane RTR

  Stir up the pond!   The first of its kind in the RC market, the AquaCraft Mini Thunder Round Nose Hydroplane RTR is perfect for small ponds and lakes. Anyone, no matter his/her skill level can enjoy exciting boat racing with this complete and ready-to-run hydroplane. Simply charge the Mini Thunder’s 1100mAh NiMH battery right at […]

O. S. Engines #7 Glow Plug Medium Hot

  A medium hot plug for a broader range of applications. O. S. Engines #7 Glow Plug Medium Hot is designed for 2-stroke airplane, helicopter and car (except Turbo head) engines. Offering stable idling, broad peak needle settings and punchy throttle responses, the #7 plug excels at easier handling at low and medium rpm ranges. […]

Kyosho 90 Size P-51D Mustang

Overview The magnificent form of one of WWII’s most dominant fighter planes, the P-51 MUSTANG, takes to the skies again with this huge 90-class scale recreation. In addition to dynamic fighter performance, the unmistakable P-51 style and form has been recreated in all its imposing detail including robust retracts and flaps. Also, other key components […]

LRP RDS8000 2.4GHz set Mode 1 incl. 4 servos

The RDS8000 is a full-featured 8-channel system, packed with capabilities for all types of aircraft. A top-quality digital radio, the RDS8000 is noted for its ease of operation and programming. Helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and sailplane pilots will all benefit when using the standard features of the RDS8000. Whether flying a basic model or one […]
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