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Electrifly Yak 54 ARF

An excellent indoor performer that’s also economical! Only 2-3 hours of easy assembly required Flying surfaces are pre-hinged with genuine 3M® Blenderm® tape Extremely lightweight construction makes it possible to perform demanding 3D maneuvers Quality carbon fiber and laser cut hardware included The Pro-Formance Foam material is printed in an attractive and highly visible trim […]

RealFlight G4.5

Click HERE to download the review of RealFlight G4. Below are some additional screen captures of RealFlight G4.5 that did not make it into the magazine.  
Flight Journal Veterans Day 600x120

Electrifly L-39 Fighter ARF and Rx-R

The straightforward design of the L-39 fighter makes it an excellent match for R/C model reproduction. ElectriFly’s sport-scale version combines extreme brushless motor performance with advanced HyperFlow ducted fan technology — or a wide-open flight envelope that all jet pilots will enjoy. Strong, lightweight AeroCell™ construction — factory-finished for aggressive fighter jet looks. Included HyperFlow […]

Electrifly Seawind EP ARF and Rx-R

“Seven-tenths of the world’s surface becomes your runway!” exclaims the full-scale Seawind’s manufacturer. Your Seawind EP ARF may never see the ocean, but it’s right at home in any nearby water R/C flying site. Add the recommended out-runner brushless motor and enjoy exciting sport performance – with truly exotic looks. Fast, easy 2-3 hour assembly. […]
FPV/Photodrone 600x120

Electrifly Sopwith Camel

A favorite of fighter pilots since its introduction in June, 1917, the Sopwith Camel’s name came from a hump created by the shrouds over its twin .303 Vickers machine guns. Many British pilots became certified aces while flying the Camel, defeating 1,294 enemy aircraft by WWI’s end. Bring all the adventure home with the versatile […]

Electrifly Spad XIII ARF

German Fokkers held air superiority until 1917. But when the SPAD XIII appeared — with America’s top WWI ace at the stick — their fortunes quickly turned. Vintage air combat meets park flyer convenience in the compact, almost ready-to-fly ElectriFly SPAD XIII. Can fly gently — or bore holes in the sky. Assembles in only […]

Electrifly Matt Chapman’s Eagle 580 ARF 50″ Class Aerobat

Matt Chapman’s famous Eagle 580 Unlimited Class aerobat now rules the R/C flying field as a 50″ span electric! State-of-the-art construction and prefabrication have resulted in an Almost-Ready-to-Fly thrill-seeker that stands out from the rest — in both looks AND performance! Perfectly captures the style and spirit of airshow legend Matt Chapman’s personal ride. An […]

Venom Beacon 2.4ghz 4channel Helicopter

Venom is proud to release it’s newest helicopter, The Venom Beacon™. With its stable, Easy-to-Fly Counter Rotating Blade Design, The Beacon is Ready-to-Fly (RTF) right out of the box and is perfect for beginning pilots. The Semi Scale MD500 NOTAR body and working LED Navigation Lights add to the scale realism. The included 2.4GHz Ch […]

Heli-Max Axe CX Micro Electric Heli RTF

A micro heli so complete and easy to fly it is practically hovering inside the box! Now anyone can enjoy spur-of-the-moment heli flying, thanks to the Axe CX Micro. Beginners will get the hang of hovering almost immediately, and experienced modelers will appreciate the quality components and smooth performance. And with a rotor diameter of […]

E-flite Blade CX3 MD 520N RTF

  The flight experts have done it again. The Blade CX3 MD 520N RTF gives pilots unbelievable micro-heli excitement. The CX3 includes a radio system equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™ technology in the LP5DSM transmitter and Spektrum AR6100e receiver, providing 5-channel control with interference-free flying. It’s covered in the licensed MD 520N scale body with […]

Great Planes Escapade ARF

The Escapade has something for every pilot, but they all see something just a little bit different. It looks like a great second plane for the ambitious newcomer, easy-flying fun to the experienced pro and a solid choice for electric and glow modelers alike. But no matter how you see it, it’s easy to see […]


Heli gyro technology takes a quantum leap forward   Not since the GY series was introduced in 2000 has there been a heli gyro breakthrough like this!  Even with its incredibly small size and light weight, the GY520 outperforms all others in tail holding ability, pirouette consistency and it excels with any type of servo […]
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