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Cool video: flying robots build a tower

Cool video: flying robots build a tower

These robotic quadcopters reminded us of a swarm of bees, working together to build a giant tower out of prefabricated foam blocks. Bridget Borgobello of Gizmag explains, “Each quadrocopter is fitted with custom electronics and onboard sensors to allow for precision vehicle control, whilst also providing the opportunity for pre-programmed flight paths, which could include arcs and spirals. Furthermore, the fleet management technology helps avoid collisions by taking over when the flying robots get too close to each other. The same technology is also used for automating routine take-offs, landings and vehicle calibration and charging.”


Flight Assembled Architecture/Architectures volantes from FRAC Centre on Vimeo.

Updated: June 1, 2015 — 11:12 AM
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  1. Absolutely amazing.Makes my AR Drone look like a kids toy

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