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  1. Dave,could not agree with you more!.The old skills are disappearing,simple things such as soldering,bending piano wire,covering with tissue or nylon,sealing with dope[can’t even use that word anymore]
    selecting balsa [C grain,what’s that?] and the list goes on.However,some of the scale ARF’s are super lookers and fly well and if I thump one in I did’nt spend a year or so building it.A quick exchange of
    currency with the model shop buy’s an exact replacement.No wonder we have little attachment to these readybuilts.Dave,the time you spent in Longton as an evacuee in the early part of the war stood you
    well. Reginald Mitchell, the Spitfire designer spent time in his early day’s in the area,Must be something in the Longton water. Cheers.

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