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Do-It-Yourself Drone Kit

Do-It-Yourself Drone Kit

What can you envision flying? Your options are nearly unlimited with this multi-rotor kit! Jasper van Loenen, an independent designer working in the field of interaction/information, design and art, has created a custom DIY kit that can transform any household object into an unmanned aerial vehicle. Check it out!

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 8:54 AM
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  1. Would to know more about this do it yourself Drone kit

  2. Where can I buy one?

  3. Awesome! Good imagination.

  4. In the netherlands, where else.

  5. Honestly, I find a post like this to be totally useless if there are no any info. What is the point.

    1. Useless if your only interest is to buy. Perhaps it will inspire further ideas.

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