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Down and Locked Electric Retracts

Down and Locked Electric Retracts

New from Down and Locked:

Just imagine a day at the flying field with no air compressors, hand pumps, leaks or binding mechanical linkages; just simple and dependable retract operation. All of our products are built in house. Our delivery dates are not controlled by outside sources. When we give you a delivery date, you can plan on spending that day flying with your new, electrically operated retracts.

We use your existing mechanical or air retracts and convert them to electronically actuated and controlled retracts. Therefore, it is not necessary to completely replace something you already have in order to enjoy the simplicity of electrically operated retracts!

We don’t make the retract, we make it Better, Safer and a Pleasure to use! We feel that the current retract manufacturers are doing an excellent job of building the retract mechanism so there was no need in adding another retract brand to the marketplace.

This system can be used on virtually any existing retract on the market from 40 sized to GIANT SCALE.

Custom builds are not a problem. If you have a special project contact us. We can adapt to your needs. We consider it an opportunity to display our inventiveness and creativity.


Updated: April 13, 2011 — 9:50 AM
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