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E-flite Stearman PT-17 15e ARF

E-flite Stearman PT-17 15e ARF

Key Features

  • Can be assembled and flight ready in just a few evenings
  • Large magnetic hatch for easy access to electronics
  • Plug-in wings speed assembly
  • Includes wing jig for easy transport and storage
  • Realistic 9-cylinder dummy radial engine
  • Painted fiberglass landing gear fairings
  • Authentic pre-WW II UltraCote® trim scheme
  • Painted fiberglass cowl


Introduced as a primary trainer for the U.S. Army Air Corps in the days leading up to WW II, the Stearman PT-17’s robust construction and good-natured flying manners endeared it to thousands of pilots throughout the war years and beyond. Its sheer numbers (over 10,000 built, by some estimates) and numerous post-war roles, from crop duster to air show star, have made it one of the most recognizable biplanes among the general public to this day.

E-flite has expertly re-created the rugged good looks and benign flight behavior of the full-scale Stearman with this easy-to-assemble 15-size model that is a joy to fly. It comes out of the box constructed of balsa and light plywood and covered in an authentic early-WW II UtlraCote® trim scheme. Other scale touches include a painted fiberglass cowl, painted fiberglass landing gear fairings, and a great-looking 9-cylinder dummy radial engine. Assembly is remarkably simple thanks to the plug-in wings and bolt-on interplane struts. E-flite even included specially designed jigs that allow you to keep the upper and lower wing halves connected for easier transport and storage.

In the air, the Stearman PT-17 15e’s flat-bottom airfoils and light wing loading translate into exceptionally scale-like flight characteristics that everyone from intermediate to advanced pilots will instantly fall in love with.


  • Wingspan: 44.0 in. (1120mm)
  • Overall Length: 35 in. (890mm)
  • Wing Area: 608 sq. in. (37.5 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 3.5–3.8 lb. (1.5–1.7 kg)
  • Motor Size: Power 15
  • Radio: 4-channel
  • Servos: JR SPORT MN48 (2) (JSP20040) and JR SPORT MC35 (2) (JSP20030)
  • Trim Scheme Colors: HANU875 Sky Blue, HANU872 Bright Yellow
  • Prop Size: APC 12x6E electric prop
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Speed Control : 40amp Pro Brushless ESC (EFLA1040)
  • Recommended Battery: 3200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po battery EFLB32003S
  • Approx. Flying Duration: 12–15 minutes
  • Scale: yes
  • Approx. Assembly Time: 6–8 hours
Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:51 AM
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