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Eagle Tree GPS Expander V4

Eagle Tree GPS Expander V4

The GPS Expander uses satellite information to determine position, speed, altitude, course, distance to operator, and UTC time. Based on the latest in GPS technology, thenew 10Hz GPS-V4™ Expander doubles the performance of Eagle Tree’s prior GPS, for a new low price! View and graph your data with our powerful software, or view your data in Google Earth, even in real time! 

The GPS Expander V4 (the Expander) is designed to be used with all present Eagle Tree recording, OSD and wireless telemetry products. The Expander updates at 10Hz, consumes very little power, and has battery backup for quick hot and warm starts. The Expander’s built-in LED indicates when a 3D fix has been attained, for convenient usage. The LED flashes UNTIL a 3D fix is attained, then stops flashing.
The Expander is tiny and lightweight, making it perfect where weight and size are issues. With our Windows software, and now with Google Earth™ software, your GPS data can be easily and fully visualized.
Supported Products.
The GPS Expander is compatible with the Eagle Tree Systems eLogger V3, Flight Data Recorder V2, Car Data Recorders and Boat Data Recorders with firmware version 5.55 or higher. It is also fully compatible with Seagull Dashboards with firmware version 4.76 or higher.


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Updated: January 26, 2010 — 10:00 AM

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