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A recession-busting $499!  A fantastic new offering from ETM, it spans an IMAA-legal 82″, has a detailed fiberglass cowl and fuselage, and wood wings and tails, with true flat airbrushed three-tone camo paint and hand-painted markings.  It comes with split flaps, and mechanical retracts are included for no extra cost in the package.  Tigertracts air retracts are available for an additional $100 with the purchase of an Avenger, if you prefer.  All heavy-duty hardware is included, too, no junk throwaway stuff here.  The wings and stabs plug in for easy transportation.  It’s very light, at 15 pounds, and big enough to be easy to fly and see, but not so big that it’s a bear to transport.  It has enough detail to keep most happy, but it’s also a great starting point for a contest-winning scale model.  It will accomodate a 26cc gas engine, a 90-150 glow, or we can show you how to fly it with authority on a very inexpensive plug and play electric power system, turning a scale three bladed prop.  Watch the video online, you will be seriously impressed.

Available exclusively at easytigermodels.com or call us at 917 971 3322.

Updated: December 24, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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