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47th Annual RC Jamboree at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Sep 09, 2013 No Comments

Had a marvelous weekend at the ORA. Lots of great things to see and the flying was great until Sunday when it got really windy! I flew the new giant Triplane several times with great success! Here are some photos! My Triplane slept at night under the wing of the Spirit of St. Louis Rebecca [...]

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Packing up!

Sep 06, 2013 No Comments

As soon as we put the December 2013 issue of MAN to bed, I will be heading down the highway to the 47th annual Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome’s RC WW1 and Vintage Aircraft Jamboree. Triplane is all stowed way and ready to go. I will post photos from the event if I have a good WiFi [...]

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New Generation of JR Radio–XG14

Sep 04, 2013 1 Comment

Be sure to watch for our detailed review of the new JR XG14 radio system in the upcoming December 2013 issue of MAN. Following in this tradition of quality and dependability, the XG14 is the newest radio wearing the JR brand and it the first to be distributed by JR Americas Inc., ( The XG14 [...]

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Adding Scale Details to a Pilot Figure

Sep 03, 2013 5 Comments

When we build large scale models, the small details really make the subject come to life. This is especially true with scale pilot figures and busts. For my recent 33% scale Fokker Triplane project, I needed a properly dressed aviator to fill out the cockpit. This is how I turned my Pilot Portraits (Mike Brent) [...]

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How To Turn a Straw Hat into a Scale Pilot Seat

Sep 01, 2013 No Comments

So my Fokker Triplane has been finished for a few weeks and the airplane has flown several times without any problems. But there is that big issue of an empty cockpit. So, I converted my old Mini-Me 1/3 scale pilot figure into a WW1 leather helmet and goggles guy with a great set of cloths [...]

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More Triplane Pix from Kingston IMAA event

Aug 29, 2013 No Comments

With special thanks to Dave Penchuk (IMAA chapter 217 President(, Time Capsules Photography, and MAN contributor Ken Park, for some great photos from the event. Here are some more great pix of the Balsa USA Fokker Triplane. I am glad to get these pix as I was behind the transmitter! Thanks guys! The reason I go [...]

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Sneak Peek: Hobby King 51-inch AT6 Texan

Aug 29, 2013 No Comments

Just a few sneak peek pix showing some of the details of this cool all foam round nose warbird. Impressive features are 3-section split flaps, electric retracts, landing- and navigation wingtip lights, and an engine sound system that’s tied to the throttle through the ESC. It features a 2 inch speaker that provides, sound for [...]

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‘Nuff Said!

Aug 29, 2013 No Comments

Ah the memories!

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