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World War II Photos

Aug 28, 2012 No Comments

Just some old photos from World War II I found on the web P-38′s, Aleutians 1944   B-26 Dauntless 1944 Weighing down wing to stop Hellcat flipping Helldivers over the Hornet, 1945

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I guess you just can’t win

Aug 22, 2012 4 Comments

Here I thought it was much cheaper to use drones but it looks like it is not. Only slightly cheaper, but hey, still cheaper  I found this in the U.S. News & World Report Report: Military Drones Only ‘Slightly’ Cheaper Than Piloted Jets ilitary drones are only slightly cheaper than manned warplanes, and data indicates the [...]

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Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors at MIT

Aug 21, 2012 No Comments

This is very cool, just program and go.

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X-51A crashes

Aug 16, 2012 1 Comment

This one is kinda close to home. cool looking aircraft: (Reuters) – A U.S. military test flight of the experimental hypersonic “Waverider” ended prematurely when the aircraft broke apart in the air over the Pacific Ocean due to a failure with its cruiser control fin, the U.S. Air Force said on Wednesday. The problem with [...]

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Fly better with flight modes

Aug 09, 2012 15 Comments

Flight modes are used in many different disciplines of flying, such as jets, pattern, IMAC and scale, just to name a few.   But what exactly are they and how do you use them?  In this video, our West Coast Senior Editor John Reid will explain what they are and how you can use flight modes [...]

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IBM creates breathing, high-density, light-weight lithium-air battery

Aug 02, 2012 No Comments

IBM creates breathing, high-density, light-weight lithium-air battery By Sebastian Anthony As part of its Battery 500 project — an initiative started by IBM in 2009 to produce a battery capable of powering a car for 500 miles — Big Blue has successfully demonstrated a light-weight, ultra-high-density, lithium-air battery. In IBM’s lithium-air battery, oxygen is reacted with [...]

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Master the Three-turn Negative Spin

Aug 02, 2012 3 Comments

In this video we examine the key control inputs in executing the three-turn negative spin. Because this is a negative spin you will bring the plane into the maneuver inverted at a fairly high altitude. You then decrease throttle and add enough elevator to maintain altitude so the plane stalls.  Although it looks hard, you will soon [...]

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One Million Pounds in the air!

Aug 01, 2012 2 Comments

Here is something you don’t  see everyday, a million pounds in the air. Capt. Stemer commanded the RC521, the second 747-8 Freighter, into defying gravity and lifting more than 1 million pounds into the air. This plane just looks heavy as it rolls down the runway. “It’s a big deal for us and as an [...]

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