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ElectriFly Grumman G-44

ElectriFly Grumman G-44

ElectriFly has just introduced the Grumman G-44 Widgeon Seaplane EP ARF!  This plane is patterned after the full-scale Widgeons that carry sportsmen to remote hunting and fishing locales.  ElectriFly’s Grumman allows you to lift-off and land on your own spectacular lake and enjoy solid sport flight performance while it is in the air.  The painted fiberglass fuselage includes an easy-access hatch for battery installation, stabilizing strakes, optimized step placement and a water rudder for outstanding surface handling. The Widgeon is ready when you are.


  • With twin outrunner power, the G-44 Widgeon flies as well off small ponds as it does from larger lakes.  Once in the air it excels at basic aerobatics.
  • The wing is easy to remove with just a few nylon bolts.  Ailerons are factory-hinged for faster assembly.  The outboard floats are mounted with durable, lightweight aluminum struts.
  • The formed, trimmed and painted nacelles and floats arrive nearly ready to install.  ElectriFly also includes scale-shaped, machined aluminum spinner nuts.
  • A built-up MonoKote covered wing and tail, decal sheet and assembly/display stand are all part of the Widgeon package.



Wingspan: 51 in

Wing Area: 373sq. in  

Weight: 64-68 .oz

Wing Loading: 25-28 oz sq. ft

Length: 36 in


G-44 Widgeon Seaplane EP ARF      Price: $179.99


available early October.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 10:14 AM
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