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Engine won’t run?

Q: I talked to a very nice lady at Air Age and she gave me your name and said, ” he can fix any engine and if he can’t Clarence Lee could give you the answer you are needing.” So here is the question, my new ASP .12 will start and run full throttle and then die. I restart it and it does the same thing again. I have the engine on a test stand, new glow plug and good fuel. The engine will not run with the muffler attached and the low throttle will run and then quit. I am baffled. I had an  OS .10 for years, before a crash broke the engine, and it ran like a sewing machine. What do I need to do to help this engine run?

A: Have you tried just opening the needle valve another turn or two? If the engine dies, it is due to not getting enough fuel. Be sure that there is no foreign debris in the carburetor and the muffler pressure fitting is not
plugged up.

Updated: August 17, 2011 — 9:03 AM
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  1. Had a similar problem with engine mounted in aircraft. Checked for a kinked fuel line, found it and solved the problem………………… Cheers.

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