Enya 180X-GS Gas Burning 2-stroke–just in for review

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The revolutionary ENYA 180X-GS is a new and innovative gasoline burning 2-stroke engine that runs with a glow plug! No spark plug or ignition system required. Here’s some test results for peak RPM for this new 30cc, 1.8ci gas burner from Enya!


All props were the standard Zinger wood.          

18×6-10               7,400                   

18×10                  6,900                  

20×8                    6,700        

20×6-10               5,700         


Idles were good at around 1,800 for a conservative flight idle but the Enya 180X GS did also exhibit idles as low as 1,400.

Watch for a special sneak peek from none-other than our own Clarence Lee in his Engine Clinic column in a future issue of Model Airplane News.

For more information contact Bill Jensen at BJ’s Model Engine Service, 51 Hillside Dr., Beacon Falls, CT 06403; phone: 203-888-4819, email: wbilljensen@gmail.com  www.bj-model-engines.com


ENYA METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD,. 16-3 Chikumazawa-higashi, Miyoshi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama, 354-0046 Japan; PHONE: +81-49-259-5783  FAX: +81-49-259-3075 Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (+0900) / Monday to Friday. E-MAIL: info@enya-engine.com; URL: http://www.enya-engine.com/index_E.htm

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