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Exclusive Radical P3 Revolution 60cc Aerobatic Biplane

Exclusive Radical P3 Revolution 60cc Aerobatic Biplane

Based on the Prometheus 3 aerobatic design by Skip Stewart, the new Hangar 9 P3 Revolution 60cc giant scale biplane is amazing! RC pilot and product manager, Mike McConville, has engineered this model using lightweight all-wood construction and its level of durability is aimed at the hardcore 3D pilot. Covered in  UltraCote film the P3 has enormous double-beveled control surfaces making it outrageously maneuverable.


Convenience features like plug-in wings and stabilizers makes getting the P3 Revolution to the field a piece of cake. Completed features like factory-hinged ailerons and elevators, a pre-drilled firewall, and a complete high-quality hardware package speeds assembly.


Even a Stewart pilot figure  is included. The two-piece, plug-in wings feature carbon-fiber joiner tubes and tool-free I-strut installation. The two-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilizers also have a carbon-fiber joiner tube and simply bolt to the fuselage side.


Watch for an exclusive flight test and review coming soon in MAN!


Updated: September 10, 2015 — 5:19 PM
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