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F-14 Swing-Wing Tomcat

F-14 Swing-Wing Tomcat

This remarkable swing-wing F-14 is the handiwork of German modeler Rudolf Winter, who built it from the Fly Eagle Jet Model Factory kit. During the flight, the model’s wings sweep back for faster speeds and then move forward for slower flight and landing. The bright “flares” that are launched during flight are scale (the full-size used them to distract ground to air missiles) and are legal in the UK. Watch carefully and you’ll see the nose gear ripping out on a hard landing, but thankfully no further damage to the airframe. The jet uses two 20kg Frank Raptor turbines and weighs in at 81 pounds.

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Updated: July 7, 2016 — 11:39 AM


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  1. I love it and would love to know how he made it all worker. Great work.

  2. A beautiful model, excellent mechanics, and a fine video. Thanks

  3. this is an beautiful model and very well flown

  4. Amazing

  5. Fantastic!!!!!! Perfect!!!!! What the price is of the plane!?

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