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The SkyFly Max is not only the latest in the Flyzone family…it’s also one of the best-equipped Flyzone planes to date.

It has a fresh look that makes it stand out from other “pod-and-boom” designs – and it has a list of cutting-edge performance equipment that includes a 4-channel, 2.4GHz radio, a brushless motor and a lightweight LiPo battery.

Durable AeroCell™ foam construction adds to the weight advantage and allows beginners to fly with confidence. Intermediate flyers will appreciate both its wider flight envelope and aileron control possible with the 4-channel system.

·         Brushless motor and LiPo battery for more power and performance

·         A new Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio offers precise 4-channel control and today’s best in dependable, interference-free operation

·         AeroCell™ foam construction means that the SkyFly Max is tough to damage, but easy to repair

·         Pod and boom join quickly and easily with medium CA glue

SkyFly Max EP RTF   $249.99

Visit the Hobbico FlyZone website at www.flyzoneplanes.com

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:13 PM
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