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FREE Wylam P-47D 3-view

FREE Wylam P-47D 3-view

The date on Wylam’s art for the P-47D Thunderbolt is December 1944. At the time, Air Age Publishing was 15 years old, Model Airplane News was a relative upstart and William Wylam was producing his fantastic art for us. That makes us and our parent company 83 years old—one of the oldest family-owned publishing companies in history! Download Wylam’s drawing here.

Updated: June 12, 2013 — 4:17 PM
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  1. it’s a nice plane put you need to clean up pictures so peaple can read whats on them thanks rick

  2. Iam just getting back into building RC plans.I have no idea how to go about in wiring a plan for a electric moter and related accessory? Is there a book on this subject?

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