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  1. Keep these beauties coming Debra, love those reaslistic large airplanes, ,

  2. Hi Debra,

    Really admire your commitment !

    I am in India and if you dont know, then I must tell you that this hobby has grown at a very fast pace in the last few years over here. Except that information and help is not forthcoming fast enough. Hopefully this effort from you will do great things to Aeromodelling scene here in Gurgaon (Haryana ) INDIA .

    Am very keen to know the complete gen on electric flying. Can you make a special effort and guide me to the basics onwards in this variation ? Or else we are going to be stuck with just flying aroung the Chinese versions now flooding the country like any other 😉 Please do help

    Best wishes !

    ( Formerly, President of Aero Modelling Club, Modern School, New Delhi )

    My E:mail ;

  3. Wow! What a magnificent aircraft!

  4. A bit under-powered?? The only way this ol beast could do a “high speed” pass was with the wind at it’s back! Surprised it could muster a loop at all without falling out of the sky at the apex. I admire the scale building but the real Bristol Bulldog was considerably faster than this model. Matching speed is also a component of being scale.

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